Make sure election process is sound

The Left's claim that there is no voter fraud evidence is disturbing. This claim seems based on the fact courts refused to hear the voter fraud proof and based on a coordinated media attack on fraud exposure efforts.

The courts appear reluctant to be involved in a possible election reversal and the potential for civil unrest. Our sacred voting process is being sacrificed by a political, and even worse, a cowardly judiciary.

One example of media efforts to suppress fraud evidence is their "fact-checking" claim that votes exceeded registered voters in eight key states as false. Their stance is that these states allow same day registration and that the actual registered voters are understated. However, using the higher registration numbers and voter turnout percentages, the vote totals greatly exceed any expected or historical levels.

There are many additional and provable fraud instances that, if not permanently corrected, threaten our country's future. We must make certain only legal votes are counted and that our electorate is assured that the voting process is sound.

Mike Budnick

Winchester, Tennessee


Why turning backs on fraud evidence?

In the past 60 years, the presidential candidate who won Ohio and Florida won the election. Trump won both. There are 19 "bellwether" counties in the U.S. that in the last 40 years have predicted who wins the election by who wins these counties. Trump won 18 of 19 by an average margin of 16 points.

Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major city this year except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia. In the key big cities of the swing states, Republican observers were kept at such a distance that they couldn't observe anything going on. In past elections, about 6% of the mail-in ballots were flawed and rejected. In this election, only .2% were rejected.

Vote-counting abruptly stopped in key swing states around midnight on Nov. 3, with Trump leading. Shortly thereafter, new vote totals skyrocketed that went 96% for Biden and only 4% for Trump, and Biden took the lead. What took place?

Is this not "evidence" that something very fraudulent took place? It seems the FBI, the media, and the Supreme Court all want to turn a "blind eye" to any and all of this! How come?

J.L. Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Election allegations undermine democracy

The presidential election is finally over, with President-elect Biden winning the majority of electoral and popular votes in a free, fair election. Despite President Trump's repeated allegations the election was rigged, that is not true.The election results were certified by state election officials, both Republican and Democrats. Dozens of lawsuits were brought by the Trump organization claiming voting irregularities that cost him the election. Every one of these lawsuits was rejected by Republican- and Democrat-appointed judges. Attorney General William Barr, appointed by President Trump and one of his strongest supporters, said the Justice Department failed to find evidence of voting irregularities that would have affected the outcome of the election. Finally, the lawsuit brought by Texas and subsequently supported by a majority of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud undermine the foundation of the U.S. Constitution and democracy: one person, one vote in a fair, free election. Remember in the next election the Republican representatives, including Chuck Fleischmann, who sought to damage our democracy by creating doubt in the electoral process. Exercise your right to vote in future elections.

Bruce Macphee