Now Republicans are seeking unity?

It is said that the night of President Obama's inauguration, Republicans in Congress decided to do everything necessary to thwart anything Obama would try to accomplish. Currently some Republicans already said they want to impeach Joe Biden.

The recent behavior of Donald Trump in inciting a riot at our nation's Capitol is clearly a reason to impeach him. It is unknown at this time if enough Republicans will vote in the Senate to convict Trump. But it is certainly known that most of them are calling loudly and with big crocodile tears for unity. Where was unity when they were resisting everything Obama tried to do?

Their Bibles must read differently from mine. "Blessed are the hypocrites for they shall always get their way and never compromise."

Pat Ralston, Soddy-Daisy


Fleischmann has place in history

Rep. Fleischmann and 196 other Republican representatives voted on the record of history that it was not a high crime when Trump publicly committed sedition by inflaming a mob to vandalistic violence and murderous chaos against the very institution he represents.

Thankfully, 10 Republican representatives held our Constitution over politically expedient cowardice.

Few have a chance to secure their names in history. Congressman Fleishmann has sadly secured forevermore his place with cowards and seditionists.

Mitchell Beene


Greene complicit in Capitol violence

[U.S. Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, was one of the people stoking the fears about a Biden presidency, so how can she say she can't imagine people being so fearful of his presidency they'd be willing to commit violence like this?

She's complicit in all this.

Lauren Pieniaszek, Ooltewah


Why did the family dog have to be shot?

Buddy the dog is dead; you shot him. What were you hunting? Australian Shepherds?

He was old and not far from home. He had been a gift for my great-niece years ago. My brother drove many miles to buy him as a puppy; he was family.

You shot him. Did he have a quick death or did he suffer? They found his remains and brought him home to be buried at home with his family. Buddy the dog is gone. And you shot him.

Anita Baxley, Trenton, Georgia


Glad aunt not here to see it

I never thought I would express such a thought, but I'm glad my Aunt Elizabeth is deceased.

Libby loved her family, especially her nieces and nephews since she never had children of her own. She loved her life as an independent career person at a time when fewer women forged that path. She loved her pet guinea pig, Billy Bob, but most of all she loved her country. When I was a child, she took me several times to visit our capital in D.C. and made sure I understood the significance of the monuments and institutions enshrined there.

When her favorite nephew was killed in action in Vietnam, she was devastated by the loss but comforted to know that his sacrifice was in service to his country. I cannot imagine the heartbreak and sense of betrayal she would feel at the shameful and seditious actions and events of the last two weeks of the Trump administration.

For her sake, and for us all, I sincerely hope our democracy can survive and once again fulfill its promise as a beacon of freedom for the American people and for the world.

Marcia Toumayan