Regarding vaccines: More care, no politics

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, is now the "state" of misinformation, mistrust and paranoia. The state of Tennessee has directed the Tennessee Department of Health to withdraw full support for immunization programs that protect the health of our children from COVID and other horrible childhood diseases. This is being done for non-medical, political reasons.

Vaccines are one of our most effective tools to stop diseases that spread through the community. It is essential to understand stopping the spread of diseases means immunizing not only the individual but the community as well. A shared effort is key to shared success. That is the role of the state of Tennessee. The state of Tennessee needs to get out of the way of the Tennessee Department of Health and allow nurses and doctors to do their job. The legislature needs to listen to the medical community, not to Dr. Facebook.

This is crucial. Let your local, state and federal government officials know you want the best for your children. Let them know you support the Tennessee Department of Health immunization program. We need more care and less politics. Nothing else is acceptable.

Brent S. Morris

Signal Mountain


Stop calling Bezos, Branson 'astronauts'

So they (Branson, Bezos) go up on a space ride for 10 minutes and are called astronauts? Astronauts go through years of training; these people are not astronauts!

In a few years this will be a ride at Disney World or Six Flags, so are we all going to be called astronauts? I think those two should be certified as astronauts and receive a certification trophy in the shape of a peanut.

To be an astronaut, you should orbit the earth at least once. Let's stop this nonsense.

Jim Griffin

Chickamauga, Georgia


Ignore the climate alarmist balderdash

What a load of balderdash in Monday's Times editorial on "Watching our Country Burn." The editor is obviously a devotee of alarmist Al Gore, every one of whose climate predictions have proven hopelessly wrong. The continued call to substitute fossil fuels with unreliable wind and solar power in the belief that atmospheric carbon dioxide is controlling the climate would eliminate one of the main drivers of our economy and standard of living.

Until the editor can offer a cogent explanation for the temperature variation during the past 2,000 years — namely the Roman warm period, followed by cooling; the medieval warm period, again followed by cooling; to the little ice age from which we are still recovering — people would be well advised to ignore such entreaties. It was certainly not carbon dioxide that remained stable during those years until the onset of the industrial age.

Incidentally, the U.S. suffered far more from heat during the 1930s than now, with 1936 being the extreme.

Terence Knee



Virus won't refuse to deal with you

The COVID-19 virus reminds me of the character Arnold Schwarzenegger played in the movie "Terminator."

The virus doesn't stop, doesn't regard your thoughts or feelings — and isn't persuadable. It doesn't care if you are tired of wearing masks or if you think your freedom is being impinged upon by safety precautions. It couldn't care less that you're "over it" or that you think it's not really harmful or that you know some people who've had the virus and were "only sick for a few days." If it had an opinion, it would be delighted that you are determined to trust social media blogs more than the words of scientists and health care experts.

The virus is implacable. COVID-19 and its variants are here to stay.

You can refuse to deal with the virus, but that doesn't mean it won't deal with you.

Alan McMurray

McDonald, Tennessee


Freedom, not shot, the most important

Kamala Harris went to Las Vegas on July 3 to celebrate the country's progress against the coronavirus. In six months, she could not go to the border; going to Vegas, no problem.

President Biden is constantly "bullying" people to get vaccinated. If that is so important, why did he open the border and ignore thousands of illegal immigrants crossing into this country? We do not know who they are, where they are or where they came from. What a hypocrite.

Americans should be free to make their choice about being vaccinated. Vice President Harris says the "vast majority" of hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated Americans. How many is that? No one ever answers.

I have been vaccinated, I am a senior citizen, and that was my choice. We are free to make our choice, and we are responsible for that choice. We have freedoms taken away from us almost daily. We must hold on tight to the freedoms we have and never ever give them up. It is not about "shot or no shot." It is about freedom to make the choice.

Ruth Cote


Hamilton, Bradley DAs appear two of a kind

With the Hamilton County DA up to his nepotistic elbows in yet another scandal, and the Bradley County DA's shenanigans involving trading pillow talk for a murder prosecution, it's difficult to keep from laughing at Tweedledee and Tweedledum when they talk about laws and ethics.

Both have been caught with their hands in someone else's cookie jar, both have used taxpayers' money for their trysts and fiduciary irresponsibility, and both should be thoroughly investigated. If the facts bear out, they should be prosecuted, disbarred and spend a little time with a 400-pound bunk mate in the state pokey. I bet they'd look fetching in something orange.

So much for professional integrity, eh boys?

Stephen Greenfield

Cleveland, Tennessee


Honor God, neighbors: Please get vaccinated

In Chapter 22 of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells us the first and Great Commandment is to worship the Lord God, and the second is to love our neighbors.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten our nation and our world, it is necessary for all Americans to get vaccinated against the virus to protect their own health as well as that of their own family and neighbors. Any Christian who fails to get vaccinated, at no cost to himself, is failing to honor Christ's commandment.

This becomes especially true as we face the Delta variant of the virus, which is much more easily transmitted than the original virus we were fighting in 2020. Cases have gone up sharply in July, especially in areas like Tennessee where vaccination rates are lower.

All those who wish to protect themselves and others (and perhaps honor God and do their duty to him) need to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Allen Chesney