Pre-kindergartners plotting takeover?

Perhaps Senator Marsha Blackburn (aka "Swampy") hit the nail on the head. During my last visit to an early childhood learning center, I failed to recognize the pernicious pre-K proletariat plotting to possess the means of production. I just thought they were looking for the gingerbread man.

Daniel Durant

Signal Mountain


Bill Haslam blew a chance to speak truth

In an interview published in The Atlantic, former Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee expresses his concerns over Donald Trump's continuing influence on the Republican Party and on Protestant evangelicalism. He laments the damage being done to the political party he once led and to the church to which he is still devoted.

But then, when pressed by the interviewer as to whether he has made his concerns clear to Tennessee's elected officials, Haslam dissembles, merely saying he doesn't consider it "his place" to speak out.

Really, governor? It is highly troubling that any citizen, let alone one who used to hold high office himself, would fail to see it as his place as well as his duty to speak out and warn his elected representatives when he is concerned for the future of his party, state, and nation.

I suspect that Mr. Haslam hopes to resurrect his political career and is therefore nervous about potentially alienating some of the voters he will need to rely on. If that's true, then it is clear that he is a timid and foolish coward who does not deserve to hold any public office ever again. History will be your judge, Mr. Haslam, and history will not be kind.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia


Tougher sanctions may be needed

I don't know if nuclear first-strike capability is possible. We need to determine if an arms race with Russia could lead to our annihilation; and if so, we need to have both countries agree to a freeze on new nuclear weapons. There should of course be immediate inspection of any suspected nuclear weapon sites. If Russia doesn't agree to this — and if any diplomatic gesture such as inviting them to join NATO doesn't work — we need to have tougher sanctions than we do at present.

Alvin Blake