Please don't trash our 'Scenic City'

I'd like to continue the conversation on the recent editorial, letters to the editor and column about those fine people who regularly pick up litter.

It is so disheartening to see cans, bottles, bags, cups, cigarette butts, and now masks, carelessly thrown on the sides of our "scenic" city's streets, roads and freeways.

Although I may be preaching to the choir of Times Free Press readers, people in the South have a long history of loving God and country, yet so many aren't showing the love by littering.

I would send out a plea to businesses and to a particularly iconic chicken fast food chain to please print "PLEASE DON'T LITTER" on bags, cups and anything given to customers. In conjunction with more trash cans and road signs, it could help to reduce the amount of litter in our area.

Thank you.

Jeannine Flynn


Learn about culture conflicts from others

I expect a mounting culture conflict will engulf America before our 2024 national elections. A strong, vocal, Anglo-Saxon contingent will swell up, motivated to preserve their culture by supporting the GOP's presidential and congressional candidates.

I suspect they see this as a key opportunity to preserve and dominate this country's political/cultural agenda. I understand the emotions in this effort. It is not new. The civilized world has dealt with cultural issues for centuries.

How to de-escalate?

First, as individuals, based on personal experience, choose an authority source that is neither a cultural outsider or an entrenched insider. Instead, listen to a cultural insider who has lived away from your culture for at least 10 years.

Second, government and broadcasters should help citizens by providing a broader, unbiased perspective coming from outsiders who have experienced this problem. For example, what do today's Northern Ireland Protestant/Catholic leaders have to say to America about the 1968-1998 Irish cultural war?

The EU is another example. Jean Monet, a key EU founder, said, "If I were to do it again from scratch, I would start with culture ..." (not merging economies) to stop European nations from killing each other.

Michael Mainz


GOPs base falling for Trump fundraising

Why is the mainstream media so fascinated with Trump's 757 parked at an airport?

Well, Captain Ego's personal 757 did cost a big bunch of bucks. It was used extensively until he took the White House. Then he parked it. Now it appears he doesn't have the liquid assets, nor the compelling urge, to repair it. Mr. Money all of a sudden is more than content to just pay the storage fees.

Could this be just another reason he is begging his base to send their donations to him and not the RNC.

The IQ of his base is lower than that of their leader. Of course, he's been a thug much longer. Give him time, and they'll all fall in his trap. Their ignorance won't allow them to learn his MO (that's modus operandi for all you brilliant right-wingers. It's a Latin phrase).

Rod Killian


Global domination climate change goal

Just bought an electric car? At an "advertised" 77% efficiency, it replaces a 17-40% efficient fossil fuel engine. Great! Problem is, on a complete energy cycle basis, by the time the "rubber hits the road," an electric vehicle powered by a distant fossil fuel generation plant has a complete energy cycle efficiency of roughly 14%.

With the electric grid still dependent upon fossil fuel, the advertised "green" car is consuming well more fossil fuel than a standard engine.

The solution: Replace all fossil generation with distributed, 35%-available renewables! Realistically impossible but it increases the wholesale cost of electricity by a minimum factor of five, impairs thousands of acres, adds thousands of transmission line miles, triples food costs, loses thousands of manufacturing jobs overseas — and still relies on fossil generation for grid reliability while achieving negligible, if any, climatic impact.

"Climate change" is a real, constant and natural phenomenon. Directed and financed by global socialists, "man-made CO2-driven climate change" is a massively exaggerated distortion of half-truths, misinformation, and discredited theories designed to drive the United States and the world's democracies to economic suicide. The goal is not global environment health, it's global domination.

R.G. Kirn



'Silent majority' must speak out to save USA

What is the state of affairs in our government and politics right now? Here it is in a nutshell. It is one power grab after power grab after power grab. What is behind all of this? Lying and deception. Tons of money to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Corruption. Disdain for law and order.

Who are the primary "movers" in all of this? Big tech corporate giants. The Democratic Party. The mainstream media outlets who are all owned and controlled by big companies. The federal justice system. All of what is currently transpiring is geared to turn America into one-party rule. And when we get there, it will be the end of America as we have known it. It will mean we have a dictatorship of some nature, and it will mean that our freedoms and liberties will be mostly destroyed.

Millions of Americans are sensing that this is indeed happening right now. They are throwing their hands up trying to figure out what they can possibly do to stop this. Stand up, speak up, be heard. The "silent" majority cannot remain silent while our great country is being systematically destroyed.

J. Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Media scolded for not using its 'bully pulpit'

Considering that Black-on-Black murder is outrageously pandemic and that Black lives matter, something upon which we all agree, why doesn't the media use its bully pulpit to opine that Blacks, as well the rest of us, cooperate with law enforcement to solve these murders and the justice they/we demand, rather than hide or claim, "I didn't see nuthin'."

Claudos Spears

Young Harris, Georgia


Calling out politicians' cruelty is necessary

Thank you for quickly publishing the recent letter to the editor shaming Gov. Bill Lee and his homophobic cohorts about a "threat" from Tennessee's LGBTQ community. It is important to expose the irresponsible and cruel acts of our politicians. If we don't call them out immediately, we too, are shamed.

There is no threat from our LGBTQ friends and neighbors. All they want are the same things you and I expect and take for granted.

As regards to sexual preference, we now know it is not a choice. It is medical malpractice to try to change this permanent characteristic.

This "no choice" revelation is particularly useful because it eliminates blaming the gay individual for his or her preference. No more "hate the sin/love the sinner." Now we know that it is the whole person who seeks acceptance. It's the same for everyone.

Blake Moore