Glad 'godless' Trump is gone

I was so pleased on April 26 to hear President Biden share his vision for making America a stronger nation by improving child care, helping needy families, and providing jobs for our people in the new economy that will result from moving forward to cleaner sources of energy. Meanwhile, unemployment is down, great strides have been made in the battle against COVID, and corporate America is pursuing many of the same goals as President Biden.

I was sad to see that Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty are not giving full-hearted support to the goals expressed by President Biden to give us a better future for all Americans. I realize these people are our elected representatives, but they seem to be putting the good of the Republican Party first while ignoring the needs of our people. They certainly do not represent the hopes and needs of Tennessee citizens for a future moving forward, not being dragged back to the 19th century.

I gave thanks to the Lord when Joe Biden, a Christian, won the election over the godless Donald Trump. I am even more thankful now.

Allen Chesney


Who's really afraid of Sen. Tim Scott?

A racist is one who considers the color of someone's skin when determining how to treat the individual. Clay Bennett's recent cartoon is just that. For all the talk about Republican racism, the true racists are those in the Democratic Party who are afraid of Sen. Tim Scott and attack him because he is a Black Republican.

David Schmidt

Signal Mountain


Berke's stance on coal mining praised

As former Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke moves on to the next chapter of his career, recent news about the Tennessee Valley Authority decision to eliminate coal-derived energy by 2035 should be a reminder to constituents of how proactive his thinking was in terms of natural resources and environmental stewardship.

In 2010, then-state Sen. Berke took an ostensibly controversial position by opposing the mining of coal through mountaintop removal. His decision was principled and also well-grounded in the economic reality surrounding coal as a marginal and very costly (in terms of environmental impact and air and water pollution) energy source.

I applaud TVA's leadership for using the last decade to consider Andy Berke's well-founded position and to get on board.

Michael Mallen