Liz Cheney stood tall for the truth

Thank you, Liz Cheney. Thank you for being one of the very few Republicans in Washington to have the "stones" to stand up to the once and always narcissist-in-chief, unlike Kevin McCarthy and all of the other lemmings who have drunk the Kool-Aid and are climbing over each other to jump off the nearest cliff.

Once upon a time, Republicans believed "character matters." Now, "winning is the only thing ... and the truth be damned." How sad.

Dave Siklosi

Athens, Tennessee


Add immigrants to infrastructure bill

Recently, President Joe Biden delivered his first address to Congress. While the country tuned in for his remarks, I was listening for one thing: a commitment to creating a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country. He urged legislators to pass permanent protections for immigrants, but a president's verbal commitment is not enough. Congress must act.

I've organized my peers at Sewanee: The University of the South to share their personal stories about immigration through letter-writing campaigns and virtual lobby visits. Students, just like me, deserve some semblance of assurance during this already uncertain time. A legal pathway to citizenship can provide this.

Although there are many bills and options in front of Congress, partisan polarization has made it almost impossible to move on any of them. I am urging Rep. DesJarlais, Sen. Blackburn and Sen. Hagerty to speak to congressional leadership from both parties about including a pathway to citizenship in the upcoming infrastructure bill.

With only a majority vote needed to pass this bill, it is even more critical to be vocal and supportive now. This pathway to citizenship could be a reality in 2021.

Judith Marklin

Sewanee, Tennessee


Beware: Wannabe dictator on the rise

It's hard to understand the rise of transformative figures who stood for evil and visited hardship on their countries and people.

We look at people like Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot and wonder how they managed to dupe and overcome so many and reach the positions of power they did. But look what's simmering right here, right now.

We have our own wannabe dictator on the rise who has hijacked the Republican Party with lies, backed by power-hungry, self-serving politicians willing to check their integrity on the doormat of Mar-a-Lago. This is furthered by a major news network in league with this power grab and a gullible and apathetic electorate.

Sean Hannity, in a candid and unscripted conversation, stated that had Fox existed during the Nixon days, he would've never been driven from office. But now they have a new face and a new cause to defend.

Enter Trump: seven bankruptcies, 3,000 lawsuits, two impeachments, 30,000 lies, and pardons for convicted felons. Even with criminal and civil charges potentially pending, he is assuming political hegemony while millions watch and cheer.

It has happened before, but now we don't have to wonder how.

Denny Pistoll

Rising Fawn, Georgia