Leave Jesus out of vaccine talk

"Jesus' would take the vaccine": There is nothing like a little guilt and fear to get the morning started with Chattanooga's news team.

Only in the South would this assumption by a religious leader be a headline on the front page of the newspaper (May 19). I would hope we lead with scientific facts as a basis of decision-making for vaccination participation.

This news organization can do better.

Brook Soss


Some more to tell on ranked choice voting

I am not sure what [Free Press opinion editor] Clint Cooper has against ranked-choice voting, but the facts are certainly not on his side. In his recent [editorial], he claimed that Memphis had abandoned RCV, only to subtly acknowledge that voters chose to keep it! He also neglects to mention that there is currently an administrative lawsuit against Mark Goins effectively challenging his weak legal arguments against RCV. The people of Nashville were sadly not given a choice on the matter and will continue to bleed money in the service of low-turnout runoff elections, not unlike Chattanooga.

He continues by trying to paint RCV as "heavily Democratic" and "far left" but fails to include some of the most recent RCV implementations: the entire state of Alaska and municipalities in Utah.

Cooper is willing to drink deeply from the fountain of misinformation on democracy reform. He owes it to his readers to give them all the facts.

Aaron Fowles


Moorhouse should be next commissioner

Commissioners: Due to the retirement of Chester Bankston as a Hamilton County commissioner, I understand the remaining commissioners will be appointing a replacement. I am contacting each of you to show my support for Dean Moorhouse to be appointed to this position.

Dean is extremely involved as a community volunteer. He has a proven track record of giving time (and money) to support his community over a number of years. Dean is intelligent, committed and diligent in fulfilling any task he undertakes. I believe he will represent his constituents well. I do truly feel that he will listen to our concerns and make decisions based on our needs and desires. He will be a great asset to the board of commissioners.

Please cast your vote for Dean Moorhouse.

Sharon L. Philpot