Individuals must keep vaccine choice

The COVID-19 crisis has brought us to a new crisis point in this country. And it is not a "health" crisis, it is rather a "liberty" crisis. Are we going to allow tyrannical governors, mayors, big business tycoons, or even the president himself, to strip us of our fundamental freedoms?

For instance, take the recent waves of vaccine mandates that are erupting everywhere. For centuries, we have had the right to make our own personal medical decisions under the medical ethic of "informed consent." Are we now going to allow a handful of individuals to strip this from us? Millions of Americans have already had COVID and thus have immunity that is likely stronger than the vaccines. They have to be allowed an exemption. Secondly, there are others who will be cautioned by their physician about being vaccinated, for reasons surrounding their personal health situation.

Hundreds and thousands of Americans could now lose their jobs because of these unethical mandates. Since when should our personal medical choices and decisions be turned over to some faceless bureaucrats? Never.

Bill Hicks



Moc Bend hospital should be relocated

I am beyond grateful for the community and regional benefits of the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute.

However, I believe the area can be better served by relocating the campus to another location. Perhaps infill in a Chattanooga distressed area.

The greater use and good for any Moccasin Bend land is to be incorporated into the existing National Park Service unit. Rebuilding the current state facility will delay that worthy goal by 50 years or more.

Robert W. Gray

Signal Mountain


Science, scientists key to our future

Wow, another year has passed, and it has been a very interesting one. Being sequestered in the house for the past 18 months has been a real experience, especially for somebody like me who can't sit still for 10 minutes.

Listen up: Let's look at some positives that we have learned, such as science and its effects on us personally. Science determines how we live, go about our days and take advantage of our world. Science is something we "learned" about in school but had difficulty linking to our lives. Science is hard and tests one's ability to think, identify problems and exercise intelligence and creativity.

Our future, as our past has been, will be determined by the ability of scientists to exercise intelligence, creativity and just plain hard work. The development of the COVID vaccine broke all records for development by scientists who started out like just you and me.

A personal example of our future is I now read this newspaper on an iPad. If you would have told me that even a year ago, I would have responded, "Science was not one of my favorite subjects!" Enough said.

Irv Ginsburg