Texas law forces values on citizens

The new Texas anti-abortion law shows just how far the Republican Party will go to force its values upon citizens. The law effectively bans abortions and makes no exceptions for rape or incest. It also comes with the ability to reward $10,000 to anyone who successfully sues those aiding and abetting a woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy. Presumably that includes family members, friends and even taxi drivers. It's easy enough to imagine someone date-raping a young woman, impregnating her and then earning $10,000 if she tries to terminate the pregnancy.

Such laws have far-reaching consequences as nearly one in four women in the U.S. have had an abortion prior to 45 years of age. This gruesome law is an affront to women and a sad commentary on the GOP's desire to inflict their values upon us all.

Dr. Rick Mathis



Trump debt problem now in hands of son

Why is Donald Trump Jr. now solely in charge of the Trump Organization?

It's a precarious season for the Trump Organization.

[Longtime chief financial officer Allen] Weisselberg, charged with 15 felony counts, shares the monumental shame with Trump, who is now attempting to sell properties, including his Washington hotel, to meet the organization's debts.

When times are tough and money's hard to come by, Trump's time has arrived to navigate more than $1 billion of debt that is rapidly coming due from those formative years, and more than half is personally guaranteed by Trump.

So, without Weisselberg to spin the books, he needs his next best swindler. Junior will no doubt appear to get them out of debt while excavating more.

Trump's in an irrevocable financial situation, and he knows it.

Rod Killian


Taliban, yokels and vaccines, oh my!

I drove my pickup through a red state, a place infected by hate. And I thought it could be that Afghans make better citizens than us. If asked to wear a mask, they would not whine and fuss. They wouldn't hate democracy, not a bit better than those who want to suppress it.

They flee the Taliban, who kill their people including children, same as our governors who pooh-pooh wearing masks. Does a child in Florida have a better chance of moving to England or France? And why should our soldiers fight to protect democracy in far-away countries when our politicians work night and day to take it away?

I pity those yokels not satisfied with what our forefathers fought for and died, while anti-vaxxers commit suicide. I pity those who are deranged in redneck states because when God handed out brains, they must have been shortchanged.

Mike Bodine