Digital editions usher in solid TFP future

Congratulations on the new digital newspaper delivery. This is a major step into the future and hopefully keeps the Chattanooga Times Free Press publishing for decades to come.

Newspapers are the historical marker for communities. They are as important to a city as a functioning government. Newspapers are the watchdogs of our elected officials and the cheerleaders when things go right.

And when things go wrong, the newspaper is there to report the who, what, where, when and how.

This is a major investment for continuing to provide the news of the day. As a long-time subscriber, I appreciate that very much.

Steve Ray, Ooltewah


Long-time reader laments digital shift

There's a reason it's called a newspaper: paper.

I suppose it is time to unload your dinosaur subscribers — I was born in 1944. Young folks can handle the new technology easily, and look forward to each innovation. Luddites like me barely get around with iPhones.

I subscribe (now) to the TFP so that I can read the news. Reading it off a computer-pad would be a deal breaker, yet of course that is what the younger generation(s) want.

"Que sera sera" — you may remember it from Doris Day (if you remember her).

Tom Baker


Anti-maskers show their selfishness

It's pretty sad when students have better manners than the parents. The parents who are fighting masks need to step back and look at themselves.

They laughed, snickered and yelled out at a high school student who was talking. He was trying to talk about his grandmother dying of COVID because others were not wearing masks. You must think that your opinion is the only one that should be heard. You talk about your rights. What about his? He had a right to talk and express his opinion.

You hurt your campaign. You came off as mean and hateful. To the woman sitting behind him: You think it's funny that his grandmother died? I've about decided that your biggest goal is to be on TV and get attention. I don't think you care about anyone except yourself. Your rude and insensitive.

Christine Robertson, Ooltewah


Children harmed by vacuous ideologies

Vacant political ideologies will never justify denying school children the best and most complete opportunity to be and to remain safe and healthy in the classroom.

Michael Mallen


Withdrawal debacle has long-lasting effects

I cannot agree with those who think President Biden should get a pass on his Afghanistan exit debacle. Didn't he run for president as the most experienced candidate in the area of foreign policy? And he selected an "experienced" foreign policy and Pentagon team.

I realize there are conflicting reports on what advice his team provided and his acceptance or non-acceptance of said advice. He continues to accuse and blame everyone but himself for this utter failure to get everyone out who wanted to get out.

I do agree he inherited a mess. That country has always been a mess. President Trump had a plan to extricate us from Afghanistan, but Biden, contrary to his remarks, did not follow that plan. Biden signed the death warrant for hundreds if not thousands of our allies whom he deserted.

Many books will be written about this blackeye on America. Some will lament the damage it has done to the Biden presidency, but few if any of those authors will write about the tragic loss of life that is the direct outcome of this ill-conceived withdrawal.

Rusty Lacy, Rossville, Ga.