Newspaper value extends beyond news

I will miss the daily newspaper. Call me old-fashioned or technologically inept, I don't care.

I have been reading a newspaper since I could read. First, it was the funnies and then wedding announcements, reviews of community theater (and my performance, of course!) and now the occasional obituary.

Over the years I have shared my newspaper with family, roommates and, now, my husband. It is a ritual in the morning to sit with a cup of coffee and read the paper, but it's served many purposes beyond the news.

It's been used to pack dishes for a move 500 miles from home and family, or to carefully wrap cherished Christmas ornaments. It's served as padding in gifts sent with love to friends and family. It's also something grabbed when there's a spill or a new pet that's not quite housebroken. The newspaper has covered the kitchen table for art projects or coloring Easter eggs, and it's been the starter to get coals going for a delightful cookout.

I will miss the daily newspaper. It's more than the news. It has been part of the threads of my life.

Mary Ann Bryant


Joe Biden's 'get' will be on taxpayers' tab

I'm going to suggest one of the most significant utterances to come out of President Biden's mouth in the past eight months was when, a number of weeks ago, he leaned into the microphone and, breaking from his script, whispered, "I got you $1.9 trillion." Of course he was referring to the latest COVID relief legislation passed along strict party-line votes, and of course Joe Biden didn't "get" us anything.

The nearly $2 trillion in new spending comes out of taxpayer pockets, either in the form of taxes or an inflated currency, the fiscal impact to be weighed mostly in the future when Mr. Biden is long gone. This bit of bragging doesn't begin to touch the outlandishness of the so-called infrastructure proposals.

Now he's asking Congress to appropriate $30 billion (chump change these days), much of it for natural disaster relief — an expenditure most of us would endorse. And yet on top of the borrowed trillions already spent and proposed, it has the look of an extravagance, like the utility bill you can't pay because you're already in hock for lavish furniture which you didn't really need.

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Ga.


Are Biden supporters still enthralled with him?

Biden's military policies have helped the Taliban. His energy policies have helped Russia (there's your Russia collusion). His border policies helped people come here illegally. His domestic policies pay people not to work. He's on his way to destroying freedom and liberty in America, and it's only taken seven months. Think what he can do in the next three-and-a-half years.

Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction." He wasn't quite right. It only took one election. And the Democrats will make sure that this extinction happens before the midterm elections next year.

Biden says the war is over. Just because we quit doesn't mean the Taliban won't keep its war going with the U.S. He now says he takes responsibility for the fiasco of the Afghanistan military withdrawal. And, he left billions of dollars worth of military equipment for the Taliban.

So, what's the punishment for Biden? Nothing. Nobody in his corrupt, incompetent administration will be held accountable for any wrong-doing. Are Biden voters really happy with Biden destroying this country? Or did they just vote for him because they hated Trump so much?

Gary Hayes