GOP politicians no longer 'pro-life'

One of the biggest "Big Lies" of GOP politicians is their claim to be "pro-life." In practice, they never have been.

As of now, the GOP is the "pro-death" party. How many people have died or suffered from COVID-19 and the delta variant because of Republicans? Just ask the scientists and medical doctors who know what could and should have been prevented.

Now governors across the country are allowing and promoting COVID deaths, such as Ron DeSantis in Florida and Greg Abbott in Texas, but our own Bill Lee in Tennessee is close behind. Of course, the main "fake news," i.e., Fox-News, spreads lies far and wide.

Please check closely what former GOP operatives Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson and David Frum have to say about today's GOP.

Walter M. Benton, Signal Mountain


Latta was incredible Hospice employee

After reading last Sunday's letter to the editor, I also would like to thank Susan Latta, former director of bereavement at Hospice of Chattanooga. I am a longtime social worker. Susan has been a mentor and role model for me for over 19 years.

She lives to serve others, providing comfort and compassion to those who grieve. She is the one our community calls on in a crisis. She created the Healing Hearts group for children that met twice a month as well as summer camps for grieving children and teens.

She helped guide me and my family through a very difficult and sudden death, responding quickly with love and support. She volunteered many hours in helping teach others. I know all my colleagues respect and believe her to be the one to reach out to when struggling with grief and bereavement.

Susan's departure from Hospice should be reconsidered.

Sherry Campbell, Rossville, Ga.


Lee hopes, kids sick; but it's 'up to God'

From the WATE6 On Your Side YouTube channel on Sept. 3:

Gov. Bill Lee on camera at a news conference: "We're in this spot that has the highest case per capita. Uh, that makes us all very concerned. Every parent has the ability to send their kid to school with a mask. They ought to consider that, and I hope they'll do it."

Then the news reporter says: "But he is still sticking to his decision to allow parents to opt out of school mask mandates. Lee also acknowledges the challenge to schools as kids and staff continue to get sick."

Then, from the same YouTube channel on Sept. 7:

"According to Clarksville Montgomery County schools, 760 students are out positive with COVID-19; 3,666 students are quarantined; 144 employees have COVID-19." A parent is interviewed, stating, "Everything is up to God."

Matt Hine


Requesting senators to repeal resolution

At this time when people are talking about "stopping the forever wars," the House passed the repeal of the 2002 Iraq Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), which allows the president to engage in military action without Congress's approval.

An important way to stop the forever wars is to fully repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF. Many representatives voted for this bipartisan repeal. It is now up to the Senate.

The 2002 Iraq AUMF was meant to allow the U.S. to invade Iraq to "rid it of weapons of mass destruction," but recent administrations have used the 2002 AUMF to conduct military operations in more than 15 countries without congressional approval.

Our Constitution gives only Congress the right to do this. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation have said that "the 2002 AUMF has run its course ... [and] should be repealed."

We encourage and request our senators, Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, to join the bipartisan effort to repeal the 2002 Iraq AUMF, S.J. Res. 10.

Chuck Jones, member, Chattanooga Advocacy Team