Even TV column has left-wing bias

It certainly has come as a surprise to regular FOX viewers like me that, as argued in Kevin McDonough's "Tune In Tonight" (TFP, March 29), the FOX network is engaged in "pouring acid on the foundations of American democracy." And "spreading false rumors about COVID vaccination" or "promulgating pro-Putin propaganda." Evidence, please! Oh, none given, right?

Instead, let me present some facts. One, it is conservatives who espouse America's founding principles of limited government, protection from the abuses of uncontrolled federal authority and the right to bear arms. Two, it was Kamala Harris, a former darling of the Left, who smugly declared that she would not take any vaccine created at Trump's order. Three, no one on FOX is lauding Putin. Instead, I have heard legitimate questions raised regarding how and to what extent to aid Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian aggressor. I knew that CTFP was a left-wing rag — except for the right side of the editorial page, of course. But anti-FOX paranoia on the entertainment page is a bridge too far.

Beverly M Richards

Trenton, Ga.


Are state senators beholden to Big Oil?

I wonder how much Big Oil has contributed to the Tennessee State Senate? I ask as senators just passed a bill making it illegal for our county or city government or even we as citizens to object to [some regulations concerning] an oil or gas pipeline being installed through our town, our neighborhood or our yard.

This too obviously serves the needs and profits of petroleum business interests against the welfare of the people, who will be forced to tolerate the danger of leaks into our soil and ground water and fumes in our homes. I doubt very much that these same senators will guarantee that a proposed pipeline pass only through their neighborhoods and yards.

How much are the Tennessee state senators beholden to Big Oil? Where can we find this information?

Katheryn A. Thompson


Grocery tax pause will make prices rise

Does our governor know what's going on beyond his mansion, because his policies certainly don't reflect that he does.

So, now he wants to suspend grocery taxes for 30 days; does he not realize that there are supply-chain issues, particularly in the grocery sector? I don't think he does.

He obviously never realized this because he does not live within our 98% society. His 2% society has other people do these menial tasks for him — his chef and housekeeper and gardener, perhaps.

This stupid gesture to us 98%-ers will create even more food shortages and prompt even higher prices at checkout.

We need leaders who actually live their lives in our world and deal with the everyday frustrations of living a full life in modern society. Bill Lee lives in rarefied air, and that's the way he and his 2%-ers govern. These guys are horrible managers of our great society.

If you really want to help people, mail state stimulus checks out from your mountain of federal money that you've been hoarding. Don't make people have to spend money to get some relief!

John Mathna


Students should be allowed own pronouns

For those who believe the Tennessee legislature is out of control, Sen. Bell and Rep. Cochran have provided proof. Their bills (SB 2777 and HB 2633) would allow public school teachers to refer to students by whatever pronoun fits the teachers' bias, and not the students' choice. Kudos to East Hamilton teacher Jeff Mullins for taking an stand against this, advocating instead for offering every child kindness and respect instead of ridicule and embarrassment. Any Tennessee public school teacher who [doesn't agree] doesn't belong in daily contact with students.

The most precious possession a person can have is a positive sense of self. It will guide them to achieve their goals, love their associates and display their moral values in all they undertake. Students typically spend more hours per day in the presence of teachers than with their parents, so developmental psychologists say teachers have the greatest opportunity to assist children in the development of a strong, healthy self-image.

Thanks to [reporter] Emily Crisman for bringing this to our attention. It's also appropriate for the governor to know that if he cares for the least among us, he is obligated to veto this legislation should all else fail.

Richard McGee, Ph.D.


Women golfers were indeed Classic performers

I had the privilege of working the Chattanooga Classic College Golf Tournament hosted by our own UTC women's team.

In an era when athletes perform in front of thousands of fans, with their every move caught on camera or dissected in the media, it was refreshing to witness these ladies perform. There was no yelling or jubilant celebration after every putt or great drive. Rather a calm, yet intense concentration was displayed.

The fans, mostly parents, quietly followed along, living and dying internally with each stroke. The poise, strength and ability of these dedicated, well-trained athletes, especially our Lady Mocs, were evident as they navigated a difficult track. Chattanooga, be proud to be a Moc!

Angelo "Nubby" Napolitano


Appreciates editorial on spending too much

Kudos on your editorial, "Gas on the Fire." It's amazing how eager our politicians are to spend money we don't have, if they think it helps them to get re-elected. The interest alone on $30T is unimaginable.

Doris Rausch

Tullahoma, Tenn.


Our rights go beyond the U.S. Constitution

It appears Sen. Blackburn wishes to take our country back to the early 20th century.

The 14th Amendment, added to the Constitution in 1868, includes the rights of due process of law and equal protection under the law. The former, by the Supreme Court's rulings, protects "personal autonomy, bodily integrity, and self-dignity." These interests "justify a constitutionally protected right of privacy" as enunciated by at least five amendments and specified in the 1965 case Griswold v. Connecticut, which Sen. Blackburn says is "constitutionally unsound." Really?

We enjoy many rights not directly mentioned in the Constitution — privacy, travel, parental rights regarding education of children, contraception, private sexual conduct, interracial marriage, the right for competent adults to refuse life-saving medical procedures and the right to engage in same-sex sexual relations.

Does the senator think it is legal to violate citizens' rights because they are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution? I hope not.

Michael V. Woodward, Ph.D.