Moorhouse will lead with integrity, smarts

Dean Moorhouse is the best choice for the new county commission District 10 seat. He is known throughout this community for his volunteer service with schools, charities and youth sports, just to name a few. He has helped raise money for many worthy causes that benefit the residents and children in this community. His service is in his free time and is always delivered with a smile.

Mr. Moorhouse has held numerous leadership positions, including being a co-owner of Professional Pulmonary Services, president of the Harrison Ruritan Foundation, president of the PTA and Booster Club at Snow Hill Elementary, and so many more.

Dean has led this community many times to ensure responsible growth and development, including being our representative at county commission meetings. He has proven his leadership abilities at meetings where tensions can sometimes run high. He takes a peaceful, measured approach to calm the situation and focus the community on working to find solutions. He doesn't let differences with others get in the way, but instead remains steadfast on working to get the best results for everyone involved.

Dean Moorhouse is a proven and experienced leader who is ready to continue serving this community.

Lyn Nelson


Delores Vinson will be school board asset

A longtime friend of mine, Delores Vinson, is running for the school board seat representing District 6. Delores is a retired teacher and mother. She is also a conservative and has served as chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party. Delores walks the talk. She has campaigned and helped numerous conservatives, including me, get elected.

Delores retired after 25 years as a teacher in both public and private schools. With all her classroom experience, she has a unique insight to the struggles of teachers and students. She knows the number-one reason parents put their children in private schools is student safety. She is also acutely aware that the lack of administrative support for teachers about discipline is one of the main reasons teachers leave the profession. For these reasons, Delores is a strong advocate for school choice and more classroom discipline.

If you live in Red Bank, North Shore, North Chattanooga, Lupton City, Stuart Heights or Riverview, please cast your vote for Delores Vinson, District 6, in the Republican primary. Early voting is from April 13 to April 28. Election Day is May 3.

Rhonda Thurman



Elect Dumitru to Circuit Court

It is with great confidence and enthusiasm that I endorse Mike Dumitru for Division II Circuit Court judge of Hamilton County.

Mike has all the qualifications to be an outstanding judge. Hamilton County has been blessed with fair and honest judges, and I am certain that Mike will continue this legacy. He has great devotion and love for his family, God and country. His commitment to excellence as a brilliant attorney will serve our great county well.

Please join me, my family and friends and vote for Mike Dumitru for Division II Circuit Court judge. Early voting will begin on April 13. We trust this great man, and so can you!

Richard Floyd

Red Bank