Give to children rather than cash bail

Addressing David Cook's April 24 lament about cash bail: Sorry, I'd rather contribute to charities on behalf of children born with developmental disabilities, always more innocent and needy than those within the criminal justice system.

Claudos Spears

Young Harris, Ga.


Whitewater Center was gift to the U.S.

I was the project leader for the team that planned, designed and built the Ocoee Whitewater Center from 1992 to 1996. The point that will be missed in this tragic story is the fact that "The Whitewater Center" is primarily 500 meters of river modifications that resulted in what Albert Woods, chairman of the International Canoe Federation's slalom committee, described as "the greatest whitewater course in the world" in 1996.

In terms of investment, the administration building that burned [last week] represents about 6% of the total cost of the Center, but it served as the visible anchor that defined the site. As I've said many times, the [United States] Forest Service didn't build The Whitewater Center for the Olympics but because of the Olympics. It was a gift from the American taxpayers to the people of the Ocoee region.

Paul Wright



Biden administration policies cost lives

Unless you've lived under a rock for the last 15 months, you are glaringly aware of the mess the Biden administration has created with every decision it's made. Decisions that are not only wrong but out of touch with reality. Unfortunately, most of the policies have cost lives.

The hasty retreat from Afghanistan cost the lives of 13 military service members. There have been over 100,000 overdose deaths from fentanyl delivered to the U.S. from the 18,000 illegals coming through our borders daily. A Texas National Guardsman recently died trying to rescue some illegals from the Rio Grande. They turned out to be drug smugglers! Putin's invasion of Ukraine would likely not have happened under Trump and has cost thousands of lives. Biden's response has been woefully short of average.

I wonder who is attached to the other end of the puppet strings controlling Joe Biden and what happens when he can no longer even read a teleprompter? Do we get the bumbling, nervous, giggling Kamala Harris?

The worst inflation in 40 years and subsequent recession to follow are meaningless to the families of lives lost caused by the results of the last election.

Jerry Finkle


No Ten Commandments in U.S. Constitution

In their answers to the question, "Should governmental laws, ordinances, regulations, etc., follow the moral principles of the Ten Commandments?" county mayoral candidates Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander clearly missed the mark.

A reminder: The Constitution neither mentions God, nor requires a religious test for office. As law professor and noted scholar of American religious history Stephen Green has written, "[T]here is an absence in the historical record — debates at the constitutional convention and state ratifying conventions, speeches, papers or personal letters — of any evidence that the Founders referenced the Ten Commandments (or Puritan legal codes) when discussing the justifications for republican government or the nation's legal system." As he further observes, the Decalogue was "generally absent" in sermons of the founding generation and was usually missing from our nation's early judicial rulings as well.

If one wishes to understand the Constitution, a deep dive into Roman law, Magna Carta, Coke's Institutes, Blackstone's Commentaries, human experience, and the British common law would be good places to start.

Michael V. Woodward, Ph.D.



Only the Democrats will help everyone

I have heard many, many absurdly idiotic things from GOP politicians and their voters. Just one example: In talking with people around Dalton, someone said, about Rep. MTG, "she's working for us." That is just one of the totally insane statements from another completely brainwashed person.

The GOP has become a party of nothing but made-up hatred of others. Only the Democratic Party will work to try and help everyone.

Marsha Blackburn, are you truly so dumb as to think that the hatred you display will not hurt and wreck the USA? I will ask that same question to each of you misguided preachers and Christians. You are aligned with all hate groups and will permanently injure democracy, decency, and sanity.

Walter Benton

Signal Mountain


People in Horn of Africa need our help

We all have been hearing about the war and loss of life in Ukraine. We pray and we give. There is another tragedy, even larger, that is getting little to no attention — the drought in the Horn of Africa. Right now, 20 million people are at risk of starvation. Their cattle, which they use to feed their families, are dying in the streets due to the drought. God cares about these people too! There are some ministries helping to feed these people. If interested, contact Kenya Hope at 616-772-9244 or Samaritan's Purse at 800-567-8121. The cost of one latte could help many children!

Conn Leonessa



Biden should address massive fentanyl crisis

There are many new forms of warfare that an adversarial nation can employ against its enemies. So we need to start thinking beyond just the standard picture of soldiers, guns, bombs and warships. Today, we can have economic warfare, cyber warfare, biological warfare (COVID-19), and now we need to add "drug warfare" to this modern-day warfare list.

China is the primary producer of the drug fentanyl. Last year, we had over 100,000 Americans killed by drug overdosing. The "open" Southern border is an easy pathway. The Mexican cartels are the transport agents, and their growth and wealth are massive now.

In one recent drug bust, there was enough fentanyl confiscated to potentially kill 4.7 million Americans. Joe Biden is very concerned about the slaughter of Ukrainian civilians, but he has yet to say a word of concern about the skyrocketing death tolls from fentanyl here in the U.S. This growing crisis needs to be focused on and addressed immediately.

J. Johns

Ringgold, Ga.