Witch hunters now dictating our laws

Regarding abortion and a woman's right to choose: If men gave birth, abortion clinics would be as numerous throughout the country as payday loan centers.

The so-called "pro-lifers" tend to be conservatives who think government has no business intruding into their lives, but they have no problem with government forcing every pregnant woman to give birth, regardless of the circumstances of her pregnancy.

Those pro-lifers are not so concerned with living human beings. It is only potential humans, the unborn, for whom they shed their crocodile tears — entities with no names, no personality, no footprint upon the earth. They think an embryo, even a zygote, has more rights than the woman in whom it resides.

We wouldn't even be having a debate about a woman's right to choose if evangelical Christians hadn't wormed their way into the Republican Party over the past 30 years. There's no longer a line between church and state. A minority of rabid, backward-thinking fundamentalists are forcing their Old Testament morality and mindset on our society. That's called a theocracy, folks. Are we really going to let these 21st-century witch hunters and their hand-picked Supreme Court justices dictate our laws?

Rick Armstrong


Force GOPrs out or round 'em up

I have an idea. Let's propose and pass a law making it illegal to be a Republican in the state of Tennessee. Illegal Republicans would be forced either to "raise themselves by their bootstraps" and declare themselves Democrats or to flee from the state. The thousands who would leave Tennessee would make life miserable for millions of citizens outside of the state. Republicans who decide stay in Tennessee could be marshalled into camps. These prompt actions will save Tennessee from its "Republican problem" that has festered in the state for years. But we must act quickly. Other states soon will want to enact their own version of this legislation. We must strike while the iron is hot.

Paul Camp


Our betrayals have left us all as sinners

The doctrine of "original sin" has always been a mystery to me. As I understand Genesis, God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Then along comes a talking snake and convinces Eve to eat the fruit. Eve then convinces Adam to eat the fruit.

As a result of their disobedience to God, we have the fall from grace of all mankind in perpetuity as popularized by Augustine of Hippo. Although there have been revisions to "original sin" most Christians, but not all, believe that mankind's fall from grace originated with Adam and Eve.

If you do not believe in the "talking snake" theory of inheritable sin, you might want to consider Darwin's theory of evolution. Human beings evolved over billions of years. There was no Adam and Eve who came into this world as fully formed adults and immediately committed the "original sin." There was no fall from grace and therefore no reason for Jesus Christ to descend to earth to save us from our sins. We are all sinners, not because we have betrayed God, but because we have betrayed ourselves and each other.

Erskine P. Mabee

Signal Mountain