August 25th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

MOST PEOPLE couldn't even afford a vacation this year. Why does Obama's dog deserve a private plane ride to Martha's Vineyard?

GOP IS ACTING like a spoiled brat ... play by my rules or I will go home. (Proposed stories about Hillary Clinton on network TV)

THE ONLY THING that has to fear the effects of marijuana is a box of Cocoa Puffs.

I CAN SUM up my public school education in one word: federal government.

FIRST YOU glamorize and promote pipe smoking for women; now, cigar smoking for men on the front page. How irresponsible! Smoking is dangerous! Period!

FRED "THE MUTILATED PUPPY": Capital punishment for animal cruelty and child abuse.

MAYBE READERS who dropped their subscriptions to protest Mr. Drew Johnson's firing will spare us any more letters to the editor! Another blessing!

GIVE THE BUS driver a Taser for the bullies on the bus. Seriously.

THE HOLMBERG BRIDGE solution isn't that hard. Ask the Native Americans how they built the walkout over the Grand Canyon. Geez! Plexiglas.

EVERY YEAR I think of the money spent putting sidewalks up Hixson Pike and how the infiltrating weeds will break it down and look terrible!

THERE'S A TERRIBLE epidemic spreading across this town. Local businesses putting their children on their commercials. Enough already.