The Rant

The Rant

December 31st, 2017 by Staff Report in Opinion Rants

Is it safe to say all you "Resist" Democrats will continue to pay higher taxes to show President Trump how smart you are?

Trump was right, the election was rigged; he won.

Why has there been no mention of the elimination of corporate tax loopholes to pay for the new tax law?

Politicians don't "earn" — they get!

Bob Corker said, I will not vote for a bill that adds one penny to the deficit! Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Sen. Corker may not have proposed the controversial portion of the Republican tax bill, but it is more advantageous to him than most voters.

Corker needs to stop talking. One day he reads every word of tax bill; next day he is unaware how it helps him. Go figure.

I am wondering how Bob Corker will be creating jobs and increasing worker wages with his tax cut?

If Bredesen runs as a Democrat and wins, he would be the only Democrat in the Senate who would work with the Republicans and President Trump.

Wake up! Republicans work only for the rich and powerful. Repealing net neutrality handed them the fast internet. Soon we peons can "enjoy" dial-up speeds!

Corporate America, Donald Trump and the super wealthy receive immediate huge tax benefits, while the rest of us hope for the trickle to begin.

Peace on Earth: Where? War, terrorists, guns.

The election in Russia is a real nail-biter. I can't wait to see what happens next who's going to be jailed or shot.

Millennials believing they are the new force in politics is like 1969 all over again.

Preposterous. Ridiculous. Asinine. Words to describe the practice of lawmakers accused of sexual assault and harassment getting tax money to pay for lawsuits against them.

There is always a swing in the pendulum of any given issue; look out, ladies.

Give me liberty or give me death, or freebies that won't disturb the status quo.

Drilling for oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as part of tax reform was a shot to the heart of every environmentalist who loves our Earth.

Of course you can bring guns to the state legislature but no hand-held signs. Because what's really dangerous are ideas.

Parents whose children receive Sack Packs also receive food stamps sufficient to feed their families. They would be better served to teach them how.

Using HCDE board reasoning, Chattanooga State would be world renowned if renamed MIT.

Rebranding the HCDE? Sounds like we are getting ready to put lipstick on the pig.

"Rebranding" school system to magically erase problems is insanity by committee. Updating documents with new terminology wastes money; discussion wastes time. Focus on real issues.

What percentage of speeders on Highway 153 are actually caught? Two?

Signal Mountain Presbyterian must address unsafe driving. Recent churchgoer knowingly blocked oncoming runner by pulling ahead, then parking on neighborhood sidewalk. What would Jesus do?

Want to really impress me? Take a knee to protest black-on-black crime.

I for one am sick and so tired of seeing the T's and A's of the Kardashians! Please go away and grow up!

Your Christmas Day edition of the TFP was just wonderful! Many thanks to your staff for an exceptional newspaper!

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