The Rant

The Rant

March 26th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Donald Trump's idea of Meals on Wheels is a double cheeseburger on his golf cart.

To Congress: If you do not vote to modify the ACA, I hope you enjoy your retirement after the next election!

Democrats are leading their party as the Republicans have done for eight years only allowing more violence.

Is it a coincidence that false charges are also known as "trumped-up" charges?

Government subsidized health insurance? Why not tack on auto insurance, homeowners insurance, boat insurance, etc.? It's just money.

When the rest of the world can match the climate standards, let's talk about more money for the EPA.

Now that we've seen how Trumpcare fixes Obamacare, I'm anxious to see Trump's improvements for Social Security and Medicare.

No one wants to admit that the only fix for health care is for the middle and upper class to pay for everyone else. No way around it.

One could only imagine how proud the late Justice Antonin Scalia must be in watching SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch skewer Democratic senators.

With all the bluster, we've yet to hear one whiner about Trump's budget cuts explain why accruing more debt, instead, would be good for the American people.

If you wonder what the Democrat attack of the day is on Trump, check out the coordinated stories in the national media. Incredible!

Now that people have been brainwashed to believe health care is a "right," what's next — shelter? a car? a job? dental coverage?

The school board may have brought a lack of interest in the superintendent's job on itself by not choosing the available change agent for interim superintendent.

My family, Democrats, are gone. They, along with FDR, would turn in their graves if they could see the tattered, vindictive, once-great Democratic Party today.

Washington, D.C., doesn't hold a candle to Cleveland, Tenn.

Today's priorities: 1) Tweet 2) Pass Trumpcare 3) Find proof of Obama's wiretap 4) Insult someone to show how tough I am 5) Create a distracting crisis

Transition from Obama to Trump. From class to classless.

Everyone: Please put a cork in it. The Trump budget is only a suggestion. Don't freak out yet. Most of it won't happen.

Why is a cabal of developers working in secret with city government to weaken last year's storm water standards? Who's paying off whom?

Methinks the Walker County Schools superintendent has some explaining to do, and fast. Students, parents, teachers, taxpayers deserve to know.

Budget cuts: Trump's weekend vacations to Mar-a-Lago @ $3 million per trip. Cuts to "Meals On Wheels" should just about cover it.

From the Rants, it looks like the best thing that ever happened to local politicians is the freak show in our nation's capital. Wow.

When are Americans going to move away from the two Clown Parties and embrace one that has their interests at heart?

Cleveland should change its name to dysfunction junction.

Trump is no different from the "role" he played on his TV show.

The NCAA schedules teams to play on their home floor for tournament play, giving them home court advantage. Are they that stupid or that corrupt?

Anyone want to guess what the voter turnout will be in April's City Council runoff elections? Two insiders fighting to stay on the inside.

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