The Rant

The Rant

May 14th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Are frat boys dumb and stupid? So entitled they don't care? So it would seem in the death of Penn State student.

Chattanooga could use a few upgrades. How about a Trader Joe's and a jazz radio station?

Changing conferences will not help attendance at UTC games. The "so-called" fans need to get back to the "valley" and not on the "Hill."

I can't figure out which job is worse, being Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, or being head of public relations for United Airlines.

I was so relieved to find out it's Obama's fault for giving Michael Flynn a security clearance. I thought Trump was in charge of his own White House.

Hey, fake president, stop tweeting. Not only is it beneath the office, we don't believe anything you say.

Don't pay attention to what Trump says; pay attention to his actions. They always speak louder than words.

Ban immigrants, pollute the environment, increase guns, return junk food to schools, make sick people pay, slash taxes for the wealthy. Is America great yet?

HEY, MR. TRUMP. You have impeachment written all over your tiny hands.

Surprised our president didn't issue an executive order prohibiting Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

President Trump admires and publicly praises despots around the world — Putin, Kim Jung-un, Duterte, Erdogan. If you are not frightened by that, you should be.

Trump is right about Australian health coverage. Medicare for everyone and the option to buy "Advantage" plans. Everyone is covered and insurance companies make money.

I have found a definition for a level-headed Republican: a politician who can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

France holds elections on Sunday. Why don't we hold elections on Sunday when more people can vote? Afraid too many Democrats might show up?

If the government can subsidize Planned Parenthood, why not D.A.V. and Wounded Warriors?

The health care bill is still a bill. The Senate needs to pass it within 17 months; don't waste seven years.

Does anyone have the rule book for the U.S. Congress?

Stephen Colbert gets out of line and is chastised. Trump gets out of line with: women, the disadvantaged, Mexicans, LGBTs, and is elected president.

Republicans parrot "Obamacare isn't working." Where are their proofs? Looks like it is working fine to me or people wouldn't be flooding town hall meetings.

For those mostly young people who thought, before the election, there is no difference between Democrat and Republican politicians — are you beginning to understand?

Our representatives passed Trumpcare. Unfortunately, they do not know how much it will cost or benefit us. Democracy or dictatorship?

Only 18 months until we can hold Rep. Fleischmann accountable for his health care vote against seniors, women and those not independently wealthy.

I read that "TVA boosts profits." Does this mean that they will now fund the pension benefits they promised their employees?

Times editorial page Editor Sohn compared our right-wing legislators to Attila the Hun. That's unfair to Attila. He was much kinder and gentler than they are.

Thank you mainstream media for listening to all the people. Our representatives in Washington only listen to their base. They never respond back.

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