The Rant

The Rant

October 8th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Are injuries sustained from a mass shooting considered a pre-existing condition?

(Former) Secretary Price is a hypocrite, spending money like a drunken sailor on things Rep. Price was critical of. The Swamp is deeper and wider, not drained.

When you hear Trump say "believe me," duck.

President Trump needs to stop attacking the press for everything that goes wrong in his administration. He blames them for his problems.

Quick quiz: What's the name of the political party that says our national debt is growing too large? Answer: The opposition.

Do those who call for the impeachment of President Trump understand the concept or just the sound bites of the entertainment media?

Now's not the time to talk about gun control? Now's not the time to talk about climate change? When would be a good time?

So where are your mass tweets about the shooter in Vegas, Trump? Maybe because not a Muslim name?

I now watch the NFL only to see which sponsors I can avoid.

Congress, bought and paid for by the NRA, we don't need your thoughts and prayers. What we need is gun control.

Mayor Berke, Washington, D.C., is already gridlocked. D.C. doesn't need your bike paths and traffic engineering.

Don't be fooled by Republicans' claims that tax cuts create jobs. It's their tax cut for the rich adding $5 trillion to our national debt.

With costs for Puerto Rico and Harvey and Irma out the wazoo, this is no time for a tax cut for the rich.

This is a republic, not a democracy! There is a difference. Let's keep it a republic.

Alabama voters, please don't prove your haters right by electing the lawless lunatic Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate.

If you have a right of free speech, isn't there a right not to hear what you are saying?

Got a problem with a statue? You pay to move. Why spend tax dollars to solve your problem? Private money put it there!

Move Confederate statue of Stewart from courthouse to Confederate Cemetery.

Players aren't being unpatriotic when they take a knee. They're protesting the police killings of innocent blacks. Why isn't Trump talking about that?

NFL, keep politics out of pro football. Please.

Wake up, NFL. Play the National Anthem. Then introduce the players as they come onto the field. End the drama.

Thanks for maintaining the shoulders on Mountain View Road. They're well-used since the street is impassable.

City engineers, please time the traffic lights downtown for a better flow of traffic. Stopping at every light on Broad Street, and others is crazy.

Equifax should be forced to change its motto from "Powering the world with Knowledge" to "Powering cyber criminals with Knowledge."

C'mon now, Butch. You're not really mad at us or the media. You're just mad at yourself. Stop calling bad plays and you'll be all right.

Thanks to Chattanooga Times editorial page Editor Pam Sohn for making it so easy to have my opinion heard re: Clean Water Act.

TFP photographer Erin O. Smith's B-17 photos in Tuesday's TFP were outstanding. Nice work!

Kudos to the maintenance team at the Riverpark for the landscaping and sparkling clean restrooms. As an avid runner, I appreciate their courtesy and friendliness.

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