The Rant

The Rant

December 23rd, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Holiday curmudgeons, if you can't handle the jollies of holiday shopping and Christmas music without complaining, stay home.

A fool's errand: The quixotic quest by a knight errant to dissuade President Trump's supporters and detractors, respectively.

I haven't heard Donald Trump taking credit for the stock market lately. Wonder why?

Sit tight on your investments, people. The fundamentals are sound. We will be OK. Try to ignore the D.C. circus.

When our government is taken over by Russia, will Trump still have a position in the government?

Still no proof of collusion. Please, can MSNBC stop hyperventilating about Trump? It's disgusting.

Middle class tax reform: Democrats in California riled about higher taxes for the rich but want to tax text messaging. What's next here?

You would think that with instant communication there would be no fake news.

Read your Bible — Jesus was not a migrant — his parents were in Bethlehem to pay taxes.

When are Democrats going to move across the border to better serve the people they represent?

Agent Orange, stop hassling our Congress. Send a $5 billion invoice to Mexico City if you want your "Great Wall of Trump" built.

Editor, you're reaching deep when you print a rant from a Trumplican who doesn't realize the House impeaches, not the Senate. Words do matter.

You feel so strongly about opening the U.S. borders; adopt a family, house, clothe, feed, educate them. Or even better, why aren't your churches doing this?

Obviously Channel 9 has different management now than when Mary Ellen Locher had cancer. She was not fired like Alex George.

Have more admiration for Dolly's work than for Lamar's. For making the world a little brighter for the ordinary person, thank you, Dolly Parton.

What makes the 24/75 split so confusing at 7 a.m. that it brings traffic to a stand still? It's the same split at 6 a.m.

It takes about eight years for a Christmas tree to get five to six feet tall. Hard to see them trashed on the curb afterward.

Those of you "going green:" What do you do with all your empty K-cup pods? Not bio-degradeable, leaves a huge carbon footprint and expensive!

Why is it when I get my fruit drinks, there's only 10 percent fruit juice in them?

To you young whippersnappers. I know your music is cool and all, but I shouldn't be able to hear it over my Terri Clark at the red light.

Hearing whining snowflakes complain about being offended about everything brings out the offender in me.

Why are stores OK with having that one buggy with the messed up wheel that rattles and you can't push it any where? Get rid of it.

If the smart grid and fiber have been a multimillion-dollar success, why are our electric rates going up next year, EPB?

It's worth the parking hassle to see the new Read House lobby. It's gorgeous!

HERE'S A REAL head scratcher: If we lie to the government, it's a felony. But if the government lies to us, it's "just politics."

No growth equals higher taxes and fewer services. Hope this is what you wished for, Mahan Gap residents! Commissioners, we'll remember!

Donald Trump must be the most accomplished, highest pursued United States president we've ever had. Stay the course.

If he chooses, we hope Bill Haslam will become the next Tennessee senator statesman in the Baker-Alexander-Corker tradition.

Either my tires are in bad shape (they're not), or we still have a long way to return our city and county roads and interstates to proper form.

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