The Rant

The Rant

November 4th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Barnum & Bailey closed their circus. It seems to me that somebody could reopen it by hiring the hopefully not re-elected clowns in Washington, D.C.

Hate-filled lies in political ads inspire hate-filled people to commit acts of violence. Who is to blame?

Trump's visit: It'd be the closest I've come to seeing a president. Wouldn't you know it had to be Donald Trump. Sad.

Think the Democrats will ever demand an FBI investigation to determine who leaked Dr. Ford's supposed-to-be confidential letter?

President Trump wants us all to fear anyone with a skin tone darker than orange.

Most things, if not all, can be defined by their opposite. For example: the opposite of rational thinking is political correctness.

President Trump and all those seeking election should read Psalm 19:14. Vote!

"Land of the free and home of the brave." A lot of legal and illegals believe this. Why go to work when it's free?

Plummeting stock market says tax cuts for the rich and tariff wars are gutting our economy. Lowest-earning 90 percent will soon pay for this folly.

Jesus drove the money changers out of the Temple. It is time for the voters to drive them out of Washington!

Bredesen is going to reach across the aisle, Ha, Ha. He dare not cross Pelosi and Schumer.

My son asked me which of the Ten Commandments are most important. I told him to choose a hero and follow him. He chose Trump.

If you're on Social Security and Medicare and vote Republican, you're voting to cut instead of strengthen those programs.

The Chattanooga area is famous for the number of churches. Church-goers have two choices: For Trump or against Trump. What would Jesus do?

Republicans claim to support pre-existing conditions coverage after voting 70 times to repeal it.

Please print hard news instead of every half-baked idea Trump spouts off the top of his head.

The Democratic Party is not your grandparents' party. This is a radicalized power-hungry party that will stoop to any level to get its way.

Retirement plan math: The stock market hasn't been down this much in a month since the economic blunders of the last Republican administration.

The right to disagree is American. The right to cause harm either physical or mental harm is foreign to the Constitution of this country.

City/county, please, please, please. Do something with Graysville Road!

A moderate Democrat is a wishy-washy liberal. Vote Bredesen and you are voting for Schumer, and you will be voting for Washington Democrats.

Pump sewage to Ooltewah/Harrison from Chattanooga, Collegedale, Bradley County? Treat then release into Chattanooga's water supply, Chickamauga Lake. Good idea? Go to plan B.

Vols, wait a year or two before statements such as: We're getting there, etc. Same statements made when Brick-by-Brick man was there!

Kudos to the family on Hixson Pike with the skeleton tableaux on the lawn. I drive past just to see what the skeletons are up to!

David Cook is upset about excessive court costs that the poor can't afford. Here is a solution. Obey the law. Costs disappear.

This just in: Jay Greeson says he voted for Trump. What a shocker. Who knew?

Putting aside his political one-sidedness, Clay Bennett's only talent is drawing. He sure can't spell worth a flip. What an "amateur."

If a player will take a knee during the national anthem, then they will take a knee for the gamblers to fix a game!

Why can't we answer the telephone any more? Tell us why.

It may not be politically correct, but abortion is murder. Ask God.