The Rant

The Rant

November 25th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

The problems we face today are caused by the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.

It takes a millionaire about a month to reach the FICA contribution limit to Social Security. Why not 12 months? Social Security reform now!

So the White House must allow the obnoxious Acosta back into the presidential press pool. Simple solution: Just don't give him the microphone.

Pass a law that punishes dangerous fake news. First by pillory. Then by prison. Who's first? Politician or reporter? Mr. President, lead the way.

It's official. The Trump economic blunders impact on my 401k have forced me to put retirement plans on hold. Yikes. First W, now Trump.

The economy is strong, if you want a job you can get one. We need the president to be successful, folks.

It is great to see Democrat fear and loathing after eight years of Republican fear and loathing.

Letters to editor postulating Clinton emails caused Chinese presidential election tampering while absolving Russia, prove that for some, facts don't matter. They will believe anything.

No praise for Trump visiting scene of fires in California. Obama doing the same would've been a media circus. It's still not right.

The five-loaves and two-fish method of vote counting is filling the baskets late after the event. I'm losing faith in fair vote counts.

Illegal immigrants problem solved: Have a vote. Everyone who votes yes tax them to cover the cost of room and board and cell phones, of course.

Current and ex-politicians opposing a new Humane Educational Society shelter may find they've actually been elected to be dog-catchers.

Those who endorse open borders should practice what they preach — leave their property open indiscriminately for the homeless.

Hitler labeled his opposition as undesirables. Hillary labeled her opposition as a basket of deplorables. Learn from history. Beware of divide and conquer.

Does anyone really believe Pilot owner Jimmy Haslam didn't know why his profits were suddenly quadrupling? Yet his underlings are doing prison time.

What this country needs is more investigations to take our minds off infrastructure, money stability, national security, VA reform, Medicare reform, election reform, etc.

Recent story says U.S. helping eliminate last vestige of Islamic State in Syria, a development we never thought we'd see. Thanks, Trump!

How did we get to the point that the city takes my tax dollars and decides which 501(C)(3) that I should support?

Narcissistic buffoons, cultural rot. Columnist David Cook has nailed the Dems squarely on the head. Love it.

Is it really so easy to get a septic tank permit on Signal for land that won't properly perk? You know, it flows down hill.

The TFP should consider an investigative article on what roadways are scheduled for resurfacing. Graysville Road?

Does Mayor Berke's family own a group of tire and alignment shops?

The parking lot of Finley Stadium is a disgusting eyesore!

Dems, every time an improper accusation of racism is made against a Republican, another independent voter decides to pull the lever for the GOP in 2020.

Bombarded with politics, immigration, gun control, LGBT, and race relations on scripted TV. Can't you just entertain me? Get enough of that on news channels.

Trump is right. Fake news is the enemy of the people. On any given day Trump tops all the media outlets in the number of lies.

The Dems are in danger of overplaying their hand, just like they did with Kavanaugh. You could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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