The Rant

The Rant

October 7th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Will the 2018 and 2020 elections again be decided by Russia? We know who Vladimir prefers.

Interesting picture on the front page of the Tuesday TFP showing Marsha hugging and kissing Trump. Need I say more for voting for Bredesen?

I added up everything the Democrats have to offer America at the upcoming midterms. Each and every time the total was zero.

If Medicare recipients pay too much for drugs, thank Marsha Blackburn and Republicans for not letting Medicare negotiate prices with pharmaceuticals. Bought off politicians.

If Donald "Richie Rich" Trump didn't have Daddy to bail him out, where would he be? Not the White House.

Let's cut through the fog. A vote for Bredesen is simply a vote for the Shumer and Pelosi vision for America.

Scott DesJarlais won't debate Mariah Phillips. What is he afraid of?

There is no more Republican Party. Now it's the Trump party.

Looks to me like a vote for Phil Bredesen is a vote for a Democrat puppet.

I get tired of Fox News saying the Democrats have double standards. Listen carefully, Fox, Democrats have no standards.

Will Kavanaugh act like a smart aleck and cry on Supreme Court? What a hoot. Bet Supreme Court is appalled! I know I am.

Attending a private school pays off with drunken parties, playing sports, meeting the right people and getting lifetime jobs.

Hey, I know, let's nominate Merrick Garland for Supreme Court justice.

After witnessing the disgraceful way the Democrats treated Judge Kavanaugh, I wouldn't consider voting for a Democrat for any office, much less the Senate.

If I were still a manager, I would never hire another woman. Never. Not one. To keep my employees from being Kavanaughed. Nice work, Democrats.

Caucasians who disagree with African-Americans are called racists. Men who disagree with women are labeled sexists. Disagreements in America should be decided on facts.

It's quite obvious that Mitch McConnell doesn't care what Brett Kavanaugh might have done. Getting him approved is all that matters.

Marchers remember: Racism comes in all colors.

It's a sad day in America when mob mentality can destroy a person's life before anything has been proven. Think. It could happen to you.

HCDE: I guess since there's nothing to smile about in central office, teachers can't have a sense of humor either! What a shame.

As a former high school teacher, I tell you, when it comes to dress codes, it is the girls that cause the limits.

Another grand visioning process for the city (and county, I presume). Yay. Are the conclusions already reached?

Hey, Vols for Life, enough of the 1998 nostalgia and old boy homecoming already! How about beating someone in 2018?

Congrats to school system for grad rate improvement. Now let's see what those diplomas really mean. Time will tell.

Thank you, Mark Kennedy, for your childhood TV reminiscing. Our country would be a better place if we all still watched Captain Kangaroo every morning.

Jay Greeson, Kanye West's performance on SNL in a Perrier-water-bottle costume makes no sense — like the president he was supporting.

David Cook is so wrong. Over 80, I remember time, place and who. I was 8 years old. No forgets! Unless partying and drinking.

The armadillos are coming! The armadillos are coming!

I am sad. I am scared. The hate and ugliness is destroying America. Is there any way we can come together? Please.

A judge in 2016 ruled that lie detector tests are valid in background checks. That judge was Brett Kavanaugh.


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