The Rant

The Rant

April 28th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Bumper sticker for 2020: Make America Great Again — Dump Trump!

Stop with Russia, Trump and impeachment. What is your platform for the middle working class, medical, wages, taxes and immigration. Or you lose again.

A true Christian could not support this adulterous, lying, foul-mouthed, criminal (Trump). You are brainwashed and/or in denial if you believe otherwise.

Hundreds of pages about Russia infiltrating our electoral system and our acting commander in chief has nothing to say. Pitiful.

In Mueller Report, what if we change all instances of Trump to Obama, Sessions to Holder, etc., and then have Republicans decide how to proceed?

Old America: innocent until proven guilty. Democrats' New America: We can't prove you innocent, so you must be guilty. Sad.

Omar and AOC are examples of the uninformed being elected by those who no longer care about anything. And you protest President Trump

Trump was exposed as an obstructionist. He obstructed the Democrats from overthrowing the government of the United States. Nice work.

You want President Trump's tax returns ? Change the election laws and add term limits for Congress.

Sarah Sanders' nightly prayer: "Forgive me for lying today. I lied to the American public and lied about my lie by calling it a 'slip of the tongue.'"

Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are suddenly concerned about the undermining of "family values." Maybe they should consider their continuing support of post-birth abortions.

Want to see incompetence? Watch Senate hearings and see your senators at work. They are clueless.

Couple with $100k income, filing jointly with standard deduction pays $2,535 less taxes in 2018. Getting any refund just means you withhold too much.

The free, free commercial should be Dems' theme song. Jay Greeson has it nailed. It's socialism, people.

If it's OK for the POTUS, why not the local auto conglomerate staff?

Unless you show me every single word of the report, my only conclusion is that you are not telling me the whole truth.

Baby Boomers had McGovern. Millennials have Bernie; and history repeats itself

"He that goes to law holds a wolf by the ears"— Burton. Democrats and Republicans looking to the courts for clarity should be aware.

What is a sanctuary city without illegals? Nothing but name only and a whole lot of smoke. Let them make good on their big talk.

If higher education means that I have to sign a bill in order to know what's in it, I'll settle for less education.

Can I designate what pothole is filled with my donation? Shame on city and county. This is pitiful.

I double dare the mayor to ride down Bailey/MLK with his eyes closed so he can truly visualize his teeth rattling.

When was the last time a Christian strapped a bomb on themselves and blew up a mosque?

River City isn't doing its job, city isn't doing its job; now a $1 million BID for another company to do both jobs? Another layer.

Sad that downtown housekeeping deteriorated to point that a business improvement district nanny is necessary. Merchants should have started sharing pressure washers years ago.

Ron Hart was funny on Fox: "Tiger is at age he needs to stop dating 30-year-olds. He needs older woman, ones who can recognize the signs of a stroke."

VW/UAW: The cancer has set in. Look what happened to Detroit. Check the car tags from Michigan/Wisconsin in your parking lot.

We cannot correct sins of past by destroying history. Learn from wrongs so we don't repeat and focus on our sins of today.

Had teachers behaved as [Melody] Day, it would not have taken the Chickamauga BOE weeks to take action. They would have been canned almost immediately.

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