Young people in Hong Kong are protesting oppressive government control. Young people in America are clamoring for oppressive government control. Behold, the U.S. education system.

China announces it will be pollution neutral by 2030 — 12 years after the world comes to an end.

As International Human Rights Day approaches on Dec. 10, please pray for the Palestinian people. They have no human rights.

Shhh, don't let Trump know we've figured out his tell. He repeats himself a lot when he's bluffing. No quid pro quo.

Elections have consequences. We endured Obama for eight long years. You can endure Trump if you grow up. They were both preordained by God.

So Rick Perry believes building walls, abusing women, belittling patriots, embracing despots, destroying honesty and promoting self are what God chose Donald Trump to do?

What about USMCA, health care, drug costs, gun control, infrastructure? Oh yeah, Dems still looking for something to impeach. Waste of time, money. Get to work.

Trump tells O'Reilly he doesn't know why Rudy was in Ukraine. In his perfect call Trump tells Ukraine president to talk to Rudy. Ruh-roh!

The way the Democrats keep grasping for straws they will have a large haystack and still no needle to find.

When Trump tells Story A, then changes it to completely different Story B, does he really think we won't remember Story A?

Where has all the fire and brimstone of the clown show gone? Dems finally getting it?

Nazi and Japanese soldiers in WWII sometimes posed with those they had killed. Trump has now approved the revival of this brave antic for American soldiers.

A reader wrote "Trump sabotaged Ukraine's war effort." Obama sent them blankets. Trump sent them missiles. Don't let facts interfere with your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

AOC says there is no more any free stuff. There will only be public stuff, but your taxes will still go up.

I hope Democrats are ready for Trump's re-election. Try to be good sports for the next four years for a change. We were for eight.

Want to lower prescription prices? Don't allow TV advertising of prescription drugs. Period.

If you cannot report the news in an honest way, then get yourself a real job. I really don't like your newspaper or your opinions.

Harvard-Yale football game is a perfect example of sheep whose educational costs are higher than the average American income.

[Walden] Mayor Trohanis and Alderwoman McKenzie. Proper functioning of the septic and water runoff systems for the commercial complex you approved is all on you.

Dawn and dusk are the hardest times to see. Why do drivers not use their headlights? They endanger themselves and others. Ignorance, I guess.

With all the recent concern about diversity and inclusion, pro basketball and football teams need to practice more inclusion.

Dog owners: When visiting a dog park, don't ignore your dogs; watch them and intervene if they get aggressive. Come on. And pick up after them!

Unbelievable: How can a River City person receive community leadership recognition when taxes were raised (BID) instead of leading an effort to hold city accountable?

Why can Sheriff [Jim] Hammond show up for a photo op but can't answer questions about why deputies who disgrace the badge are still employed?

Attention builders and designers: "Modern farmhouse," "urban farmhouse," "French country," all white and all grey are done! Stop it.


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