The Rant

The Rant

February 24th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

As one advocating the rich pay their fair share: Does Elizabeth Warren pay the tax maximum or take all the deductions? No rule against it.

Once more Democrats propose a bevy of unrealistic agendas to their minions and not a means to pay for their superfluous dreams.

Mr. Trump, you are the president, not a king.

No national emergency on the border? Where thousands are camped out while trying to get into the USA illegally? Where they there in 2000?

Trump's entire agenda for this term has been to win re-election in 2020. We need a president who does his job!

Whatever you did for the least of one of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. No exception mentioned for national emergencies.

What is the Democrat Party's obsession with championing every known perversion?

Grandma told us, any boy could grow up to be president. I guess the "grow up" part isn't necessary.

Republicans' denial of climate change proves "ignorance is bliss."

Christians must believe abortion is the only sin now. They don't preach about any others. The Ten Commandments must be "fake news."

We have no given rights to free health care, housing and education. Those are used to obtain votes at the expense of those who really work.

How times have changed. Today JFK would be the enemy of the brave new progressive, socialist, communist Democrat Party.

We are much less racist than the media deems us to be. Too bad false reports are rarely corrected. Test your sources. Get serious here.

Ole Lamar hit the nail on the head — it's the job of Congress to tax us and spend our money any way it chooses.

Congress not maintaining power of the purse and surrendering to the executive will lead to tyranny with no check on presidential actions.

With less work hours than other presidents, Trump has time for a dog. The problem is that dogs are too good a judge of character.

Green New Deal on top of $22 trillion debt? Goodbye capitalism, hello socialism and economic collapse. Immigration problem solved.

Because health care millionaires don't control politics in Canada, Europe, Australia, among others, their citizens don't have to choose between health care and financial security.

Kudos for Ron Hart calling out the "Empire" star hate crime allegations weeks ago as dubious. Hart gets heat, but he gets it right. Gutsy move in this PC culture. Rock on, Ron!

Why not ask the governor of Virginia who is the person in the KKK outfit.

Saying "no" to a would-be tyrant doesn't make Democrats whiny or petulant. It makes us the last hope for democracy.

Trump's Mar-a-Lago friends know they got tax cuts. If you had saved millions, you'd know it too. Instead, our tax savings, if any, are microscopic.

Can't wait for Mayor Berke to reveal his "new" plan to fix potholes and repaint our streets.

Contrary to popular belief, we still have four seasons in Chattanooga. Spring, summer, fall and monsoon!

No need for tokens for Riverbend 2019. Also, no mention of what to do with tokens leftover from previous years. I guess I donate?

We Hixson residents pay city and county taxes. Why are our streets and roads in such a state of disrepair? A disgrace for the "Scenic City."

Non Sequitur is the best cartoon since The Far Side. The habitually offended should not control what we read. Keep Wiley's bears, please!

Rossville, Georgia, residents embarrassed by ordinance allowing two junk cars in every residential yard, according to TFP. It's OK, folks. Embrace your inner Joe Dirt.

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