The Rant

The Rant

June 2nd, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Thank you to the Cub and Boy Scouts and all volunteers for taking your Saturday to place flags on our soldiers' graves. God will bless you.

About Trump saying Biden has low IQ, perhaps it takes one to know one.

Today, even a moment of silent prayer is illegal in all public schools. It has been replaced with mass killings in public schools.

City council members should know how government works — and how it doesn't — before they open their mouths to complain about something they know nothing about.

If a property tax for schools doesn't pass the Hamilton County Commission, will the Metro Nashville Schools superintendent's job look good to Dr. Bryan Johnson?

Are the statements by the Dems on "Morning Joe" that President Trump will win in 2020 a trap? Or just another example of "fake news"?

Any moron can read history and see that tariffs are harmful to all involved. Well, almost any moron.

If the Dems have anything on President Trump, come out with it, or be quiet and get back to work.

Frequently reversing positions describes you as impulsive, not stable. If you can't tell the difference between impulsive and stable, you're not a genius. Sorry, Trump.

The goal of socialism is communism Lenin. The ultimate goal is to suppress, then to abolish, all forms of religion.

If Islam was the religion of peace, then the Middle East would be the most peaceful place on Earth.

I am not a Joe Biden fan, but he looks and acts more presidential than Donald Trump.

If only 7% of adult Americans have served in the military, why do we see over 50% of men wearing veteran caps every day?

I'm Democratic, you're Republican. We're neighbors, relatives, friends. Two parties = balance; one party = dictatorship. We need each other. Trump's demonizing Democrats is ripping U.S. apart.

Michelle Obama's book, "Becoming," is rated number one bestseller by The New York Times. Could it be because they are hawking it on Amazon at 57% discount?

Willing to kill a newborn baby, but allowing a known killer free for good behavior seems a little strange, even for 21st century U.S.A.

Exactly how many private schools here are going to accept voucher money as tuition in full? I bet precious few.

I read and saw on television that Hollywood was going to boycott the state of Georgia. Yeah!

Perfect recruitment for Chattanooga: Dirty cops cover up fellow cops' rape cases; underachieving schools still underachieving despite millions allocated. And more requested.

I think they have taken the redneck element out of Riverbend. I predict it's the last year.

Ron Hart: Maybe the funniest final line of a column ever Friday (May 24). I look forward to his column every week.

Please stop using the Lord's name in vain in the so-called funnies. Examples: WuMo, Pearls before Swine and Doonesbury. This isn't "funnies."

The lady standing in New York harbor saw the inhumanity at our Southern border and wept.

If Trump is so, so bad for our country, then the Dems should man up and impeach. Take a stand, 2020 be damned.

Wonder how many who support the Democratic presidential candidates promising "free stuff" would have been willing to have sacrificed themselves on D-Day in 1944?

Given a choice, I would prefer Hamilton County Sheriff's officers get a raise than to double the public relations money in the Department of Education central office.

All of Bill Gates' money can't turn around the lives of local children without the help and diligence of their parents or guardians.

Memorial Day at the National Cemetery was wonderful. If you have never been, make plans to go next year. You won't regret it.

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