The Rant

The Rant

May 12th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

A golfer who cheats on his wife gets a medal from someone who cheats at golf AND cheats on his wife. Isn't America great?

I understand the hate for Trump, but Democrats and their media placeholders look more desperate and childish by the day.

If you were "totally exonerated" of a crime, wouldn't you want the man who exonerated you to testify to that publicly, for the whole world to see?

Why do Democrats keep saying "The American people want to know "? Just say "I." "I want to know " Show some backbone. Stop hiding behind me.

Watch how disrespectful Dem senators are to the Honorable Attorney General Barr. All are dishonorable to their own office. Get them out next vote.

Putin continues to undermine our country because he knows a weak, naive U.S. president who yearns for his recognition will never stand up to him.

Maxine's response to everything: "Impeach." She still thinks banks handle student loans government's had 10 years. Where's she been? Oh yeah, in Congress. Impeach her.

I predicted middle school behavior would follow Putin's meeting with Kim. Right away Donnie calls to ask Vlad if he still likes him best. Lol!

Pelosi, stop playing politics and follow the law. Impeach Trump now.

Ranter, don't call others brain dead if you don't understand that supporting LBGTQ Americans' equal rights under the Constitution is different from advocating that lifestyle.

Learn from Austin, Texas: E-scooters are bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad mistake.

As a Christian, I am commanded to love my neighbor, whether I approve of their life choices. As an American, I understand their right to make their own choices.

A Chattanooga policeman pulled me over for suspected DUI; seeing I wasn't drunk he questioned me about my swerving, I replied I was dodging potholes.

Marsha Blackburn, all Tennesseans are not finished with the Mueller report. Only the ones who believe Trump's lies are ready to move on.

Trump wants military academy athletes to go pro, then complete their military service. To improve academies' sports recruiting. Aren't they there to defend our country?

More money for HCDE is not the answer unless money is used to institute one teacher per 12 student w/paraprofessional grades 1-3.

If you believe the Mueller report proves President Trump is impeachable, you need to read the report and buy this bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Why change school bus services if you are using the same lousy drivers?

Do not raise my taxes to pay for illegal and undocumented students to attend school. This is aiding and abetting criminals.

Congratulations eligible county voters who stayed home on Election Day, causing Joe Graham to be defeated. You have strengthened the money-grows-on-trees socialists.

Anyone who thinks teachers do not need a raise needs to spend an entire day (or more) in a classroom.

Attention, VW employees: Take a long look at Detroit before voting for the union.

Don't litter, use turn signals; don't litter, use turn signals; don't litter, use turn signals; don't litter, use turn signals at 25 words yet?

Is there anything more tiresome, more excruciatingly boring, repetitious, uninspired and uninspiring, predictable and whiney than a Democrat? Chattanooga Times is elevator music in print.

Tax hike attitude: Tell your boss, "You owe me a raise because I need it. You can't expect me to live within my means."

Might as well let electric scooters use bike lanes. Nobody else is using them. What a waste of money and parking.

In America: 31 states allow a rapist to sue his victim for custody and visitation rights. 50 states prevent a victim from suing her rapist for child support.


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