At this moment in time, why can't we all just come together?

Thank you doctors, nurses and first responders. You can't run from this. I think about you every day. Thank you for taking care of us.

I now know what cabin fever due to the coronavirus is: My wife set fire to my corn flakes.

Is there anyone left who doesn't realize that if President Trump's lips are moving, he's probably telling another lie?

Bob Corker exits his cocoon to promote restarting the economy in the early stages of this pandemic. His businesses/investments must be suffering. How sad.

Trump is everyone's president ... except for those who live in states where governors aren't "appreciative" enough. His behavior is childish and dangerous.

Economy's rapid fall was caused by COVID-19. Combat the virus, and the economy will rebuild. Corker doesn't get it.

Way to go, Ron Hart. If you want to call a disease by where it originated, you had better look up where the Spanish Flu originated. Then we would call it the Kansas Flu.

Every day we hear new totals of confirmed COVID-19 cases. Why is no one reporting the number of people who have fully recovered? Is that not newsworthy?

Which race should we blame for COVID-19? The human race — and flu, colds, wars, famines, bigotry, poverty, crime, etc.

If we lose health professionals trying to protect us from the virus, there'll be no health care if you have a heart attack or bone spur.

The Senate passes the relief bill 100 to 0. Pelosi's House cronies try to add garbage to it. Now we know where the problem lies.

Whether you think it is right or wrong, at least POTUS is doing something. That's more than the Democrats have done in the last three years.

How do you bring down the largest economy in the world? Create a virus, inflate the numbers and let it loose. It worked. Thanks, China.

Crude oil price has fallen 67% from its high. Gas station price has only fallen about 20%. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

What happens when, after a year of home schooling, test scores in public schools go up dramatically? Will taxpayers get a tax refund?

Haven't you enjoyed the silence from no robocalls?

When the devil has been exposed by a minister, who does he go to to do his dirty work? The news media.

Rant haters: No one is forcing you to read the column. Times Free Press: Do not discontinue the Rant.

We've seen COVID-19 outbreaks in churches, nursing homes, etc. The next hot spots will be groceries and other stores where there is little social distancing.

Bill Knowles is too good to the public. He needs to close all his offices and take care of his employees. The public will survive

Local news, how do you have a newscast without telling us how many dead from the virus there are in Hamilton county?

If you don't think government should be involved in social assistance programs, don't be a hypocrite and accept the $1,200 check.

Thanks to Soddy-Daisy Food Bank for remaining open despite the C-virus threat. They are 100% volunteer workers.

Since when did the media become the bad guys? Is it because they ask the hard questions and tell the truth?

We need humor in these times. Columnist Ron Hart provides it: "Our church service was telecast online. My favorite part was when I handed my offering to myself."

May God bless all of you at the newspaper who work so hard to bring us news and entertainment each day. You are appreciated!

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