Some Medal of Freedom recipients: Walt Disney, Bob Hope, John F. Kennedy, Tom Hanks, Edward R. Murrow, Fred Rogers, Jonas Salk, Neil Armstrong. Rush Limbaugh?

Given the choice between a socialist or a psychopath, I choose socialist! The Democrats will tamp down socialism. Republicans are scared of their psychopath.

Is the coronavirus a serious national problem or a political ping-pong ball that the Democrats want it to be?

Why is President Trump holding large political rallies when medical groups have advised against people gathering in large groups because of the coronavirus?

Trump's response to the coronavirus is first to minimize it, then to blame the media and Democrats. Is this how to MAGA?

The Democrats are complaining about Trump's response to the coronavirus while advocating open borders and working to defund the border wall. How naive is that?

Monday's Free Press editorial was childish. NBC, ABC, CBS display bias in promoting negative things about Trump? He blurs facts and he blatantly lies.

We have lived through SARS, swine flu, bird flu. Difference this time is it is being used politically.

OK, millennials. Which old, white, rich guy you voting for? The one who gives you the most freebies? Grit required to support yourself. Get some.

If Bloomberg spent $460 million-plus on a political campaign, why not spend the money on issues like the homeless or health insurance?

If Bernie is elected, who will apologize to all the men and women in Arlington who died fighting Communism to keep America free ? Was their sacrifice in vain?

I was hoping for a Bloomberg-Trump fall smackdown. Would have been fun to watch. Oh well.

Think you will have private property under Bernie? Nope. Free speech? Nope. Bear arms? Nope. Freedom to earn income? Nope. Freedom to create? Nope. Nothing.

State legislators want to halt emissions testing. The public needs to know what positive effect the program has had on our air.

Stop the city from closing short-term vacation rentals for very little reason. This is a property owner's right.

Crazy Lee's "constitutional carry" will hit tourist trade hard. Who'll vacation where guns are ubiquitous? Cut off driver? Cut in line? Bar fight? Boom! I'll move!

As a recent transplant from a northern city, I found it funny that the polar bear plunge was postponed due to snow. What?

Chattanooga is number one in something — horrible city streets and tourist parks that if you visit one you lose fillings getting there. City council members, maybe you all should be on patch duty.

Section 17-113 in the Red Bank municipal code states that refuse containers shall be removed within 24 hours of emptying. This should be enforced

Wonder if local elected officials have learned that most times, negative campaigning can backfire. Unconvinced? Ask Diane Black, Randy Boyd and now Randy Fairbanks.

Ron Hart had a great line about coronavirus, "Trump gave comfort saying he was funding researchers to find cure for coronavirus. I just hope they are not from Trump University." LOL

Now Trump is suing over opinions he disapproves of. Even if you also disagree, this should scare you. Four more years will kill the Constitution, including the First Amendment.

Want to help Nashville recover from tornado? Send money to reputable organization, not your never-used silverplate butter dish or ugly sweaters.

The dangerous four-lane bump on the west side of the McCallie viaduct is devastating our cars and jarring our teeth. Why hasn't it been fixed?

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