What Trump said on March 6: "Anybody who wants a test gets a test." What he meant: "I can get a test every day."

Democrats are masters of deception: The Flynn attack, Mueller investigation, impeachment, China virus. And that is only this year. Now go back 28 years.

Can you imagine having ineffective doctors to combat the virus? I can't either. How about ineffective political leaders? We don't have to imagine.

Republicans running for Congress in Georgia are going to stop socialism! If one's elected, will he or she eliminate Social Security and Medicare? Advertise that on TV!

Can you honestly not see that Donald Trump has no moral character?

President Trump didn't "drain the swamp;" he just swapped out the frogs, toads, spiders and snakes. Therefore, the swamp is still in D.C. Ouch.

OK, Biden. Why not tell us specifically what you would be doing (differently) if you were in the White House. Shut us down for a year? Huh?

Pathetic leader. Mad tweeter. America shattered. Elections matter. Trump must go. Vote Joe!

If only we had the CDC, Fauci and Birks instead of Trump making the decisions in controlling the pandemic, we would have a fighting chance.

Freeze all government salaries and make it retroactive. Then let's see how long this shutdown lasts.

Boy, it must be nice to be a full-fledged liberal/Democrat. They know everything and know what's best for everyone. Gimme a break.

Our Republican Party was killed by a TV personality who only values personal enrichment and glorification. If Americans die, he already has said, "I'm not responsible."

Just Biden my time until the election!

Warnings ignored. COVID soared. Trillions spent. Oversight absent. Millions unemployed. Businesses destroyed.

Why would illegals want to come here if we have the most COVID-19 cases in the world and a tanking economy? Do we still need to build a wall?

To Democrat governors and mayors: It's time to flatten the curve. The unemployment curve.

Unemployment up. Federal debt up. Bankruptcies up. Fear up. Businesses closed. Factories closed. Trust in government down. Stock market up. Huh? Rich getting richer; poor poorer.

Pam Sohn wails because Trump does not take advice from scientists. Be more like Democrats, who assiduously listen to AOC and Greta Thunberg.

Our country in bad trouble: COVID-19, racist killing of Ahmaud Arbery, armed protesters, people without jobs, and people not practicing social distancing.

My daughter is a teacher and she is still required to be online and on the phone with her students from 9 to 3:30 every day.

The city must have used the same search firm for the new treasurer the UT athletic director did when the Vols hired Donnie Tyndall!

Mayor Berke: Clean up the homeless population under bridges and in public spaces. Shouldn't take millions like you spent housing 73 vets. Honestly. Do something.

Attention all you "pretty people." Man-up; wear a mask! The life you save may be my wife's. Or mine.

Great picture of the airline desk at the airport. No Plexiglas, not one person wearing a mask. Great message.

Food Lion grocery: Please make your associates wear masks. I wear one for them. Please give me the same consideration.

People: The mask goes over your nose and mouth. Not under your nose. You've missed the point.

Sun is out, money in our pockets, no place to go. It's puberty all over again.

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