Give thanks for election workers. They take a front-row seat for democracy. They work long hours, dealing with complaints and threatening mobs.

Somewhere right now, John McCain is looking down on us and smiling at the election results.

Hmm. When is Hillary going to concede? Still waiting.

Electors are partisan hacks. Why this country doesn't go with the popular vote, I will never understand.

There is no Democratic "mandate." The left should beware. 2022 is not that far away.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country has done to you, but what have you done to your country."

Who will first blink in facing a presidential election defeat? The alleged Republicans or the confirmed Democrats?

Where's the group of protesters and rioters? Oh, they think they won, so no cause. Interesting what party they represent. See it?

Joe Biden got more than 4 million more votes. That — not the Electoral College — should be all we need to determine the winner.

So I guess now the professional athletes will stand for the national anthem?

One suggestion to my liberal friends: Please stop condescending to half of this country about what we should think.

Will Bill Barr be investigating whether any votes for Trump have been cast by deceased voters or only if fraudulent votes have been cast for Biden? Strange.

Don't freak out; Trump will leave; we will move forward. Voters will have another say in a couple of years. The beat goes on.

Trump said COVID would be gone after Nov. 3. What happened?

Dead Republicans in several states are rolling in their graves after learning they voted for Biden.

If there was fraud, why didn't the fake ballots include votes for Democrats for Congress?

We may never know how much election fraud there really was, but Democrats should be honest and stop saying it is nonexistent against Republicans.

Chuck Fleischmann, Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty are still drinking President Trump's Kool-Aid by calling this election fraudulent.

Even on Election Day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was predicting big gains. How can one woman be so wrong so often and still be in charge?

Please pray for the staff at Mar-a-Lago. They are going to need it.

When does the special prosecutor for the Hunter Biden corruption start work? Americans want to know.

Conservatives mocking the lack of a "blue wave" without acknowledging the "red blockade" that worked to suppress the vote at every turn is absolutely ludicrous.

Very excited about the promising vaccine set to be distributed soon, but how many places receiving it can keep it at -90 degrees?

To really help feed the hungry, I'd ask Food City and other groceries to donate the massive amounts of food they throw out every day.

I'm eager to see how much vitriolic criticism Clay Bennett pours out about Joe Biden now that he's president. My guess: none.

Loved Ron Hart's Shep Smith line in a recent column. My husband and I could not stop laughing.

Clay Bennett was drawing award-winning cartoons long before Trump was elected, and he will be still drawing them long after Trump finally leaves.

Hate to see that former Chattanoogan Jon Meacham sullied himself by not revealing to MSNBC his connection to the Biden campaign, but that's politics.

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