I just wanted to read one rant that was non-political, so I figured it was up to me. God bless us, every one.

Major League Baseball owners should pay their players more money so they can get haircuts and shaves.

Major networks: Your job is not to make one candidate look good over the other. It's to report facts. Start doing your job. Please.

I am not voting for personality but results, lower taxes, justices, walls and fair foreign relations. Personality doesn't get things done.

Khrushchev said that America would fall from within. Sounds like he was right. We must come together.

Unrealistic, but is there any doubt after viewing recent events in Washington that there should be a constitutional amendment requiring congressional term limits?

Vote for Biden and democracy and decency or Trump for dictatorship and decadence.

Politics and partisanship have no place in the administration of justice. Objectivity, integrity, fairness, competence, compassion and honesty do.

Democrats don't blame Trump for COVID-19, fires, crime, etc. We blame him for selfish ineptitude and making them so much worse.

I have discovered an antidote for coronavirus cabin fever — bubble wrap!

Does this make sense to everybody? The U.S. has 5% of the world's population, but 21% of COVID-19 cases and 21% of COVID-19 deaths.

With false-positives, false-negatives and outright fraud, who's really paying any attention to the published COVID-19 numbers?

Because of all of his whimsical changes of direction, his new nickname should be "Butterfly Biden."

Jill Biden stands proudly by her husband, Joe. The U.S. would be honored to have her as our new first lady.

A reader wrote that Biden would create millions of jobs. Name one job he has created in 47 years (and you can't count Hunter).

Would any parent tell their son, "I want you to grow up and be just like Trump"?

Good reason to vote for Joe Biden is that he "wears a mask." This means that he cares for all the people.

Republican hypocrites stole one SCOTUS nomination from Obama and another from Biden. Who is court-packing?

Thanks to the city crews for trimming the trees downtown. It looks great!

All right, you drivers zipping past me when I'm signaling to try to get into the left lane. Hurry up and be the first at that red light!

Instead of dumping more money into the river (front), use the funds to encourage two-parent vs. one-parent households. Stop gangs. Better education is success for children.

Chattanooga's mayoral race is shaping up to be a free-for-all. It's encouraging to see so many people interested in the city's future.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office to take over Silverdale at year's end. You might want to hold off being incarcerated for a while. Just saying.

You can call it "pound sign" or "hashtag," if you like. But to musicians it is unquestionably a sharp.

Sent a letter to my sister in Virginia on Sept 1 (postmarked Sept 1). It arrived there Oct. 9. Will ballots mailed in arrive on time? Asking for a friend.

Your cartoonist, Clay Bennett, takes a lot of heat and hate, but he is talented. We are lucky to have him even if he makes people mad.

[Free Press columnist] Ron Hart is so good. He puts a smile on my face each Friday morning. Thank you, TFP.

From 1919 baseball's Joe Jackson to 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden's email scandal, the lament/fear is "say it ain't so, Joe." "It's so, kid."

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