Laugh about it, lie about it, hide it, say it's on track, it's normal, expected. See what you get by canceling previous administration's successful policies.

If the situation at the Southern border isn't a crisis, I don't want to ever see a crisis.

Defund police and watch crime rates rise dramatically. Show me where it's not true. Can't do it, can you?

Where's all the COVID death reporting on TV? Oh, it stopped mid-January. Imagine that. Wish I'd bet on that one.

All legal citizens, unless physically unable, go to polling station, show your ID, cast your vote. No discrimination, no fraud, no problems.

No, no and no. Voting in this country is a privilege of citizenship. Elected (hired by voters) elite, leave my citizen rights and privileges alone.

Trump being off Twitter has been a good thing because news organizations aren't constantly telling the whole country what he is saying or doing.

Why does the TFP cover the maniac Rep. Greene? I'm certain her cult doesn't buy your paper.

Are you saying there are people out there unable to get a photo ID? How insulting to them. Support their codependency and don't require one.

Matthew 25:35: I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. Offer no longer valid during Georgia elections.

Democrats don't want your hunting guns and handguns. We have those, too. We want only military and police to have assault rifles, machine guns.

Sadly, banning assault weapons will not stop mass shootings. These deranged individuals will still find a way. For once I agree with Ted Cruz.

Georgia, why don't you address your sex parlors instead of guns? Impacts a lot more people for the good. Don't look the other way.

Gov. Kemp's signing the new Georgia election law was his way of telling Trump that he was sorry for not backing his "election fraud" claims.

The homeless are being moved to East Ridge, but why not Hixson, Red Bank or Ooltewah? Did anyone bother to ask? Nope.

This makes sense? Homeless veterans sleep in the streets. D.C. guardsmen sleep in parking garages. Border illegals sleep in hotels/motels paid with taxpayer funds.

Imagine your daughter competing against an athlete who says she is female and lifts 100 pounds more than her. Parents, daughter — what would you do?

Can someone explain to me how transporting oil through pipelines creates more emissions than transporting oil via tanker cars and trucks?

Here's an idea for a TFP poll: Which is more nauseating on TV: the constant overpriced gutter ads or shameless self-promotions by local ambulance chasers?

In baseball, to make a travesty of the game results in a forfeit. UTC's football game against Mercer should have been declared a forfeit.

Democrats want a tax on gasoline and a mileage tax. Does that mean Greyhound and CARTA will be running a 15-minute schedule?

You know things are getting back to normal when you overhear a guy in a bar telling a girl, "Hey darling, I didn't recognize you with your mask off."

I look forward to the day that people getting shots doesn't dominate the daily news footage.

In last Sunday's "Perspective" section, a commentator lists seven excellent common-sense suggestions for responsible dissemination of information.

Music is a rare pursuit where you can spend more energy than you have, yet end up with more than you started with.

The official bird of Chattanooga should be the yellow crane.

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