A July 29, 2021, TFP headline: "Biden woos working class with new 'buy American' efforts." Has he been in Walmart lately?

How prime. The man who sniffs hair, smooches and hugs necks calls for another of same to resign. They both should cease, desist, quit. Believe women.

Masks don't infringe on our "rights"; rather, it is the delta variant that is infringing on our "right to live."

Trump, not Biden, has cognitive decline because he believes the election was a hoax and COVID would have been over by Easter 2020.

Biden seems to be giving new meaning to the concepts of "Land of the Free" and "going for broke."

Keep Guantanamo Bay prison open to put Trump and his insurrection terrorists in.

News stories tout infrastructure bill as a cinch to pass. Marsha Blackburn, six other senators say it needs to be paid for. Is that too much to ask?

Citizens were arrested for trespassing in Washington, D.C., on Jan 6. Not one illegal immigrant has been charged for trespassing the U.S. border. Sounds right?

Stop showing long needles going into people's arms. No wonder no one gets the vaccine. Not rocket science.

Species either adapt to change or they become extinct. So instead of whining, I suggest that Americans make the necessary changes to control the COVID-19 pandemic before it's too late.

Millions of us filed our taxes on time and are long overdue a refund this year. Think the IRS will pay us interest and penalties?

Current poll says Kamala Harris is worst VP in last 50 years. The man in the White House should have been a contender, too.

A real recycling tragedy: Hamilton County only can take #s 1 and 2 because recycling any other #s is not cost-effective. So much plastic going to the dump.

If Chattanooga's greedy developers get their hands on so much as one blade of grass during One Riverfront, we're coming for politicians and builders alike.

If the government can't tell a woman what to do with her body, how can it tell anyone to get vaccinated? Kinda destroys the argument, right?

Roe vs Wade (1973) is good law; therefore, Supreme Court please leave it alone.

TFP headline says NBC wonders where Olympics viewers went. They were lost by the various anti-American gestures of some of the Olympians.

Vaccine symptom concerns: Since I got the vaccine, I learned the earth is flat, we didn't land on the moon, Republicans have the only answers, Trump won the election.

Mask protesters say their personal rights are being lost when mask mandates are in force; rather, they will be gaining the rest of their lives.

"I should have gotten that damn vaccine," a father of five texted just before he died. This won't be you if you get the vaccine.

Gov. Lee, still waiting for you to put deposits on plastic water bottles and aluminum cans. Tennessee's trashed.

Traffic circles, roundabouts, rotaries or whatever you call them are intended to improve traffic flow, but if you treat it like a four-way stop, nothing is gained.

Who is more at fault: BlueCross BlueShield or Memorial Hospital for not being able to work together? It still will be the patient who suffers.

Tourism money for art that will look great next to the homeless and their mess. Don't engage with homeless, move them out. [They're] breaking the law.

Well, I finally saw a Clay Bennett cartoon this week that I can agree with. The vaccine or embalming fluid very thought-provoking.

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