When can you limit travel from other countries? Only as a Democrat as president. Otherwise, you are fear-mongering, xenophobic and racist. Don't you see it?

Rittenhouse, age 18, brave enough, in the search for truth, to waive Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Biden, age 77, afraid to answer media questions.

Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, all lives matter. The truth matters more.

Is Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki's official vehicle a Dodge?

Rep. Lauren Boebert, by calling Rep. Ilhan Omar a terrorist, is a perfect example of a "Karen."

Trump supporters disparage Biden for "being too old." Trump is no spring chicken either at only four years younger. We need maximum age limits.

Are you absolutely certain your use of fossil fuels isn't causing catastrophic climate change? If not, are you willing to risk your grandchildren's lives on it?

Now that the VP has "been to Europe" and expressed "concern" regarding Belarus-Poland border issues, dare we hope she will address our Southern border?

Why does Fauci keep getting a pass on his condescending behavior toward elected officials? Fire him!

Thank you, Dr. Fauci, for your life of service in protecting Americans from infectious diseases. You are what is best about America.

Our local leaders continue to give tax breaks to big companies while our property taxes go up. Something's not right.

Soft on crime, no borders, failed Afghanistan exit, high inflation, more COVID, yet everything's great, booming, successful. C'mon, man, why don't you believe it?

Breaking news from the North Pole: Santa Claus has officially put the Republicans in Congress on the "Naughty List."

Want to know how Biden's doing? Not too good. Check the prices you are paying for gas, food, housing, autos, goods at hardware stores, etc.

With omicron now following the delta variant, "put a little love in your heart" and wear a mask. Get the vaccine.

Had those screaming socialism, communism today lived when Social Security and Medicare passed, they would have screamed the same thing then.

Columnist Ron Hart conveniently forgets to mention Trump and Jeffrey Epstein's friendship while citing Clinton as a cohort.

Times page Editor Pam Sohn would be fired if she taught her First Thanksgiving editorial to a public middle-school class, even though it's entirely accurate.

Main takeaway from the Ahmaud Arbery trial: Never assume anything. God bless his family.

The weekly "What didn't happen last week" article in Sunday's TFP reveals current popular falsehoods the gullible believe. Almost all are pushed by the right wing.

The redistricting map is supposed to be based on the people's census, not politics. Republicans cheat by drawing the lines to favor themselves, not the people.

When aggression and violence surpass compassion and gentleness as virtues, we are all doomed.

Wamp/Hullander county mayor's race reminds me of the 2018 Black/Boyd GOP gubernatorial primary. Who will be the Bill Lee in this race?

Unemployment in city low, but jobs aplenty. Many want to stay on the public dole. Thanks, Biden/Harris.

Will changing the name of Baby University to Family Forward ever touch the real problems? Doubtful.

Poor ol' Bennett. Washed up with no material. Too bad he won't bash on Biden. Endless material there.

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