With the truth now being stranger than fiction, my imagination has nowhere to run wild.

Question for U.S. Supreme Court members reconsidering abortion: Why haven't all the males and Catholics recused themselves?

Higher wages, falling gas prices, fewest new unemployed in 50 years, record holiday spending, improved infrastructure coming, jobs everywhere. All is well.

The Supreme Court is not a "bunch of partisan hacks." The justices are much too intelligent to be hacks.

Remain in Mexico dangerous and inhumane, says Biden. Now he's doing it. Turns out Trump made good policies for America. Get them back.

I just read comments from our Supreme? Court justices. I don't think I am a stupid person! But none of the comments made any sense.

We should hold politicians to their promises. Contain the virus? Nope. Create unity? Nope. Build back better? Nope. Can we go back to good policies?

Who gets an education, job, car insurance, medical insurance, gets married, pays taxes, obeys the law? Mostly Republicans. Look it up.

QAnon, does it make sense that John F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat, would come back to help a Republican like Trump?

A man's got a right to do what he wants on his own property. Not if his "rights" invade my yard, he doesn't. Smoke, for example.

Why did "sources" give Chris Cuomo information about his brother when he asked?

The Jan. 6 insurrection failed because it wasn't organized or planned; however, in 2024 they will have had four years to plan the sequel!

I watched "Dr. Zhivago" and reread "Animal Farm" over Thanksgiving. I'm hoping those on the left with socialist ideals did the same.

Pastor Bo writes: "Cats are snooty, psychotic, etc. Humans should be like dogs." Walkers in our neighborhood carry protection from dogs. No fear of cat attacks.

Sociological fact that socialists don't get: If one is given something, one is more likely to squander it. If one earns something, the opposite is true.

Guess the left will now ban cars along with knives and guns. These things are killing people. Don't hear much about savages who execute crimes.

President Biden, President Trump, Congress, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, all newspapers and the churches have all forgotten the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti. Why?

Alec Baldwin's plea, "I'm not responsible" for the "Rust" shooting, sounds a lot like a character he played on SNL.

Why did Tennessee give one company a $55 million no-bid contract for contact tracing when there is no contact tracing? $55 million.

Looks like there will be an experienced option for county mayor instead of political scions Weston Wamp and Matt Hullander.

I beseech EPB Fiber Optics to please consider lowering the cost for internet so the elderly can resume the daily pleasure of the TFP.

Per TFP abortion story, Knoxville, Nashville and Atlanta are "hundreds of miles" from Chattanooga. Better go back and check your GPS.

Yes, by all means, Hamilton County Commission and school board should be paid the same. Same as school board.

Interesting that Democrats don't have the courage of their convictions on partisan school board elections and say they must "play on a level playing field."

Three words that have become archaic: civility, respect, dignity.

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