Watch Lindsey Graham win the high jump gold medal at the 2021 Olympics! All that jumping back and forth across the fence finally pays off.

Every time I read about how the Democrats are going to "pack the courts," I'm very confused. Didn't the Republicans already do that?

Good that the Confederate statues are gone. Room for the Marx, Trotsky and Guevara statues.

The Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument. Now we have the permanent Trump fence around the Capitol. It is his legacy. A fitting tribute, indeed.

Thank you, Joe Biden, for showing us what an amazing president Donald Trump was.

Kudos to the GameStop investors who sent the big bad hedge fund bullies crying by using their rules. Do it again.

Investigate the fraudulent, baseless, false, incendiary, unsubstantiated, fake allegations that we have fair elections.

I agree. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. President Obama and family were disrespected and hated by Republicans.

So there's a monarch in the Oval Office. Forty executive orders in 10 days. So much for democracy and the republic. Oh, also that unity.

I voted for Berke. Where is the affordable housing? One million condos, half million-dollar houses? Chattanooga, home of the rich. Big problem for everyone else!

Solution: Biden pardons Trump. Stigma attaches to Trump's presidency. Democrats get their pound of flesh. Money saved. Future belligerence minimized. Goal of unity begins.

Real, as opposed to hypothetical, trauma is that of a merchant whose livelihood has been destroyed by the summer riots.

I was so proud to witness the inauguration of President Biden and Kamala Harris. Former Vice President Mike Pence had the backbone to honor them while Trump flew off in disgrace.

How can one person with an executive order destroy thousands of construction jobs building a fence and a pipeline, thus ruining American citizens' lives?

Those who do not want to accept Joe Biden as president can move with Trump when he goes to Russia to build his next hotel. He has promised Putin a penthouse suite.

Many people have difficulty in distinguishing between fact and opinion, don't they, Mary Louise? Yes, they do, Walter.

The Bible states a person cannot serve two masters. I paraphrase: You cannot have a constitutional republic and support a Biden regime.

President Biden, please go around the Republicans. They don't appear willing to help to get all citizens a COVID relief check.

I love Larry Elder. "Again, exactly when did Democrats practice the 'civility' to which they wish to return?"

Did you know Jewish space lasers started the California wildfires? The Republican Party is going to have to decide what to do about the QAnon lady.

Clay Bennett would have never drawn Obama sitting in a Dumpster.

We are no longer the Scenic City of the South. More like Homeless Cesspool. They come from other states because we have better handouts. Unbelievable.

Local funeral homes, please stop using the term "lying in state," a special meaning. Use lying in repose. They're not in the Capitol rotunda.

The world has been tested, and we came out stronger. The new president promised to work for all Americans.

Please consider how much money mayoral candidates are willing to spend to win this office. Is it worth it? Really?

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