Independent of the British? Yes! Celebrated in Chinese bag chair, watching Chinese fireworks or at home watching on Chinese television listening to Chinese bluetooth speaker.

The values that "Make America Great" are fading fast. Make no mistake, our Founding Fathers wanted Christian foundation, small government, capitalism and free will of man.

The factual and sum total of Joe Biden's border math: subtraction by addition.

Sadly, Donald J. Trump will never go to prison, but if the banks call the loans now for the money he owes them, he is in a world of trouble.

How low will Republicans go for Trump? Why wouldn't they want the Jan. 6 insurrection Trump caused investigated? ... Oh wait, that's why!

Anyone who thinks POTUS is sitting in the Oval Office manipulating gas prices needs to go back and take Econ 101.

The Capitol is the people's house. Why still closed and fenced? Everything else open. Politics and Pelosi control it. Open it.

Democrat landslide looms large for 2022. Once a grand old party, Republicans now reduced to a dwindling cult worshipping a fading TV star.

How many seats will Republicans gain in House, Senate in 2022? With Democrats leading Washington, the number may be growing every day.

All those in favor of raising taxes and spending the money on noncitizens stand up and be counted .

If Maxine is not free, how in the world did she get elected? She would be happier in another country. Make us happy too.

Since 1980, the richest 400 Americans saw their wealth triple while the bottom 150 million Americans wealth decreased 57%. That's middle class-to-rich redistribution.

Label them "migrants," "illegals," and it's OK to arrest and send them back. But they're people. They've suffered and trudged a long way to be safe. WWJD?

I'm 67. Never saw an adult male in a female public restroom. Transgendered person? What happens in a booth stays in a booth. Political histrionics.

Oh, how I long for the day when absolutely no one quotes any of Donald Trump's lies.

Sha'Carri Richardson should not be suspended from the Olympics because marijuana is not a PED (performance-enhancing drug). Its use could slow you down.

Sixty percent of Hamilton County adults still haven't been vaccinated against COVID. Ron White said it best, "You can't fix stupid."

I love the 4th of July. What I don't like are patriotic neighbors who keep up the fireworks past 10:30 p.m. We all would like to get to sleep.

TFP: Patriotic tradition in churches "around 50 years old." Are you serious? Go back and study your history.

Will our city and county mayors stand up and lead on development? Someone needs to. Better have thick skin 'cause you are gonna take some arrows.

David Cook wrote an article, and not once did he mention the color of his subject's skin. He wrote about determination, accomplishment and a life well-lived.

I keep telling the post office that the former occupant doesn't live here anymore, but I'm still getting his mail. It's all addressed to some guy named "Bill."

Waiting to see what ideological group Elmo's new puppy, Tango, will be assigned. Mixed breed? Disabled? Left-pawed? Prefers other species?

I see cartoonist Bennett just cannot stay away from bashing Trump. Hey Clay: Trump is no longer president. Move on, man.

Battle for space: Whom do you want to come back from space? Vote for one [ ] Bezos, [ ] Branson, [ ] None of the above.

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