God will decide if President Biden qualifies for communion, not some group of Catholic bishops.

Trump sadly proved that a sensational lie is more effective than a complicated truth.

Attack police with a flagpole at Capital equals solitary confinement. Attack police with Molotov cocktails, bricks and lasers in Dem cities equals no-bail release.

Biden-Putin news conferences: He said/he said, but they didn't say what they said.

If you believed Biden would be a moderate, he fooled you. Forty executive orders later, he's moved more left than ever.

I am more likely to find 10 unicorns in my backyard than Joe Manchin is to find 10 Senate Republicans against voter repression.

Squirrel solution: String 10 feet-plus of 50-pound fish line between two equal-height trees or poles. Hang bird feeders in the middle about 8 feet high.

Do Southern Baptists oppose critical race theory because it forces an uncomfortable reckoning of their denomination's pro-slavery roots during the Civil War?

Maybe all the politicians should realize the election laws they were elected under might work. Or perhaps they are illegally elected?

Political parties in the U.S. should form a coalition (like Israel) and put up candidates to compete with Democrats and Republicans. Change is needed.

How hypocritical for those who endorse "good trouble" by criminals, looters, arsonists and rioters but criticize concerned parents who merely speak out about CRT.

Ranter said the Democrats don't have a sense of humor. Hope they aren't a Trump follower who has the worst sense of humor on earth.

Rich people don't pay their fair share of taxes — never will. Buying Congress proved their best investment.

In the eight presidential elections since 1992, the Republican candidate has won the popular vote once. W in 2004. So let's suppress the popular vote.

I still remember swearing an oath to protect this country from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Some congressmen are ignoring having sworn that same oath.

Summer of 1953 in Chattanooga was hot. When the thermometer hit 100 on June 22, nobody blamed climate change. It was just summer.

Girl Scouts should donate their 15 million leftover boxes of cookies to food banks and then give every Girl Scout a badge for public service.

Clergy should worry more about single-family homes. Then and only then we can take time reforming the sheriff's department.

TFP has one intelligent, sane correspondent: Larry Elder. Right on about fatherless families. No excuses for blaming others.

Eighty percent of the older population is vaccinated against COVID; therefore, young people: Don't be an Airbnb host for COVID. Get your vaccine shot.

Thank you, Mr. Bennett! You showed how Trump insulted the handicapped. As the mother of a handicapped son, I can't understand how people ignored this.

Ron Hart's attempts at cool, trendy editorial page columns turn out about as cool and trendy as his hairdo in his editorial page photo.

I wonder why people trash our roadways and countryside?

Our two cars — '04 and '06 Toyotas — both have blinkers! The newer model vehicles must not come with blinkers. Rarely do I ever see drivers in these newer models using their blinkers.

I've tried and tried, but I can't get my refrigerator magnets to stick to me, even though I'm fully vaccinated.

[Columnist] Mark Kennedy: What a great dad. We can feel the love for his sons in his columns over the years. Warms our hearts.

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