I will continue to spend my Bradley County money in Hamilton County because of Mayor Jim Coppinger's mask mandate.

Not the partisan "who has right to cash the check" thing again! Whatever party passed it, it comes from taxes we all paid! P.S., I'm a Democrat.

Georgia Republicans know full well that far more Black people vote on Sunday. So they're determined to limit that option. That, folks, is racism at work.

So the March 6 TFP had zero articles on the Southern border issues (there was one editorial). Yup, protect ol' Joe at all costs.

President asking for volunteers at the border? All you liberals load up and get a dose of the real world. Wear your masks. 25% positive.

Everyone celebrating Dems' $1.9 trillion "golden egg" giveaway should take a look at Your kids and grandkids definitely should.

Governments do create jobs and incomes. Nobody builds highways, bridges, schools, airports, police and fire stations on spec.

Our senior senator should return all of her salary over the current minimum and use only that to live on for the rest of her term.

When will we ever stop to consider why the wealthiest nation in history cannot pay its bills? We spend 25% more annually than we receive.

The same structures the media described as cages during the Trump administration are now referred as overflow facilities during Biden administration.

Nixon had his enemies list, and Trump has the Republicans who voted to impeach him. Nixon had Watergate, Trump has the Capitol attack.

Trump added $3.9 trillion to the deficit with his tax cut for the rich. But Republicans choke on $1.9 trillion for the people. Shameful.

British royal family: Show the "world" that Black lives matter by accepting and loving baby Archie.

Thanks to those idiot insurrectionists who attacked our Capitol, our hub of democracy is now surrounded by fencing, razor wire and 5,000 National Guard.

No transparency. No accountability. No news conferences. No emergency at the border. No bipartisan effort. No unity. How you like it so far? Your vote.

Biden's critics attacking him for attributing "Neanderthal thinking" to Texas and Mississippi's governors are exactly right. A gross insult to Neanderthals.

Should Facebook permanently ban former President Trump? Right after Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, etc., etc., etc.

Perhaps someone should kneel on the necks of the jurors in the Derek Chavin trial for eight minutes before they vote whether to acquit or convict.

Though I am not sick, COVID takes my breath away. Vaccine gives it back.

COVID relief dollars pay off poorly managed union funds' deficits. My tax dollar supporting unions? These people who voted for this bill don't represent me.

Hey ranter, I don't thank Trump for the vaccine. Remember, he called [the virus] a hoax. If he had done his job, we probably would not need a vaccine.

In today's world, is there anything at all that doesn't ostensibly offend somebody? Suggestion: Build a bridge and get over it.

Donald Trump is determined to ruin our nation. He lost. Enough of his mission to turn us against one another. Wake up.

Psst! Biden has every intention of taking our guns. Check out HR 127. $800 tax per gun per year.

It is amazing that many highly educated people follow Donnie the Dictator. He has that goal, if supporters keep praising him.

Why are transgendered female student athletes suddenly a hot potato? Most schools don't have even one such, let alone a team full!

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