Everyone lambasting the Dems' $1.9 trillion "golden egg" giveaway, I assume you are sending yours back? I thought not.

Come on, Kamala. You believe Kavanaugh's accusers but not Cuomo's? Does it matter which party they belong to? Shouldn't if you are doing your job.

There are racists at uber-liberal University of the South? Who would have thunk it?

I am the great and once cognizant Joe Biden! Pay no attention to the agenda behind the curtain. Click your heels three times and you may return to sanity. Maybe.

Stimulus checks aren't needed to help pay rent, buy food, buy gas, buy medicines; then Gov. Lee is right, we don't need the stimulus checks.

As I watch President Biden totter around, I wonder how old and unhealthy must have been the person he challenged to a push-up contest.

While China is devoting its resources to destroy America and dominate the world, we cannot decide which bathroom boys should use.

Improve test scores by putting teachers back in charge of classrooms. Misbehaving students should be immediately removed.

The U.S. cannot accept nor is required to accept anyone looking for a better life. That's more than half the world. Who pays? Not me.

Referring to the issues at our Southern border as a challenge instead of a crisis is like calling cancer an irritation. "Circle back" and reconsider.

The new COVID deal will cost each family $22,000. What? Where do you think this money comes from? Magic printing? No, Virginia, your tax dollars.

Chattanooga gets $40 million COVID aid. Cannot wait to see this year's Christmas bonuses.

Is the Tea Party motto "Don't Tread on Me!" being replaced buy "Don't Vaccinate Me!"? Fools.

How can you call it a COVID relief plan when an estimated 9% of the $1.9 trillion dollars will go toward the COVID-19 fight.

Can people really be bribed with $2,000 and rich benefits? It worked in garnishing votes in [Georgia] runoffs. Will it work in 2022? Pray not.

For all our systemic racism, we are very popular to biracial monarchy and migrants from other countries. Imagine that.

If Fox News wants to continue to pay those clowns Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, it is their dime.

Today's social media frenzy proves the Founding Fathers were correct in their suspicions of a truer democracy.

No permit, no training to carry a handgun in redneck Tennessee. It's the wild, wild west. Hope you don't end up in the crossfire.

Ron Johnson said Capitol rioters love America and respect the police. Yeah. They demonstrated that by beating Capitol police officers with an American flag.

Being in the military is not a "gender" thing; rather, it is an "attitude." If you have that "attitude," you will be a great soldier.

2020 voter fraud in Georgia? Real fraud is Georgia legislature now changing election rules because Trump lost. Only a poll tax is missing.

I see Jimmy Carter is disheartened, saddened and angry with new Georgia voting bills but no response about the 30,656 abortions in Georgia in 2019.

So, you approve of President Biden's open border? How about the homeless camping in your backyard with kitchen privileges ?

Who has the most security, the highest walls, armed guards? Oh, it's the politicians. Not the people. What about the vow to protect and defend?

Follow the science: Don't wear a mask, wear a mask; 6 feet apart, 3 feet apart; eat out, don't eat out; work, don't work. Where is science?

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