It appears that Gov. Andrew Cuomo really struggles with social distancing.

Hate is a virus; the vaccine for hate is the "Golden Rule": Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

It's time for the losers in the city election to retrieve all of their campaign signs. The clutter is not very eye-appealing.

Sewanee: big on diversity and inclusion. Student body 5% Black.

Gov. Lee, when are we going to get deposits on cans and bottles to help clean up Tennessee trash?

Without hate speech, what's the platform for Trump's party?

All these millionaire politicians proclaiming the coronavirus relief is not needed: Tell that to the folks that are still unemployed because of the pandemic.

Trump lost the election and 63 lawsuits. Show proof of fraud, or accept that he lost. Stop whining and move on.

Joe, close the dang border before people (especially kids) start getting hurt. What you are doing isn't mercy, it's chaos.

Let me get all this straight. Republicans don't want registration to own a gun but want to make voter registration and voting difficult? Unpatriotic nonsense.

Why throw out every good, working policy of the previous administration? Is your revenge so strong that you have lost good sense? Oh, yes, politics only.

To my rant friend bemoaning the Republican 2017 tax cuts. Tax revenues increased after the tax cuts due to great economic policies but were outspent.

Half of America pays taxes and supports the other half. Government doesn't make money, only taxes, collects and redistributes. How do you like subsidizing that group?

What happened with the $4.4 million for care of the homeless, but yet there's a tremendous increase in the number of homeless? Accountability?

From the White House to the jailhouse, please make America great again.

Recent TFP front page reported average weight gain two pounds per month during pandemic. Page C4 reported free doughnut with proof of vaccination. Progress?

I used to think the UAW was the most corrupt union in America. They just got bumped by the teachers' unions.

If you are an illegal immigrant, you get free hotel, food, support. If you are homeless here, you don't. What happened to caring for citizens first?

Cages, plastic cells — what difference does it make? Where are all these children going and to whom? We will have more children available for abuse.

You know that under President Biden's new plan, the 50% of Americans who don't pay taxes now get more money back. It's just income redistribution. See.

It is a "border" wall and not a "boarder" wall. Stop the crossing.

Democrats decided to keep troops in Washington. They determined how much longer they needed to continue destroying our country.

President Biden wants to put money in our pockets. Four years later, Trump is still asking us to put money in his pockets. What a difference.

I thought all would be much worse by now. Lord God is good, but the time is here. America will be destroyed. So praise Jesus.

Bike lanes on Glenwood Drive. Sixteen years commuting to work and back and never have seen one biker. Bike lane between car lanes — stupid.

TV should stop showing close-ups of needles going into arms. This deters people afraid of needles from being vaccinated.

Big shout-out to the entire staff and volunteers at the CARTA vaccination site. Thanks to them, the entire process runs efficiently and quickly.

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