LeBron drivels, spins and shoots his mouth off. He wasn't even there, the camera was. Who designated him to be more knowledgeable than everyone else?

Rick Santorum's comment that there was nothing here before white men arrived is ignorantly dismissive of the only true Native Americans.

So the officer at the Capitol died of natural causes. So says death certificate. Not as result of protests. Will liberal media correct the story? Doubt it.

Thank you, former President Trump, for having the foresight to order over 500 million doses of COVID vaccine so Biden could take the credit.

Does Ted Nugent believe in COVID now? Just shut up and play the guitar.

Maxine calls for more violence in a state she does not represent or live, with government- funded, special personal security. Censor her. At least.

Corporations moving away from Republicans! Why? Don't they care for lies, voter suppression, insurrection?

To those who won't wear a mask and won't get vaccinated, you are the reason we can't get this pandemic under control.

Looks like the Oscars were chosen the same as Biden's Cabinet was, one of everything regardless of talent or qualifications. Woke is killing our country.

Doctors don't want to continue teleservices, but won't tell you if entire staff is vaccinated. Where's your Hippocratic duty?

My fellow Americans: If you don't want to get the COVID vaccine, there are a lot of people in India who will take your dose.

Democrats want term limits for the Supreme Court. I want term limits for Congress. Neither will happen.

MLB moves the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. Can we move MLB from New York to Georgia?

One thing is for sure. Money and elections go hand in hand.

Infrastructure: roads and bridges, railroads, public buildings, intelligence. Not entertainment venues, transgender studies or safe zones.

Look at New Hampshire's strict voting laws. They result in one of the highest voter turnouts across the country. People have confidence their vote counts.

D.C. was created from part of Maryland. Virginia's part was never used as a part of D.C. Give D.C. back to Maryland, then no new state, but D.C. residents get proper representation.

This has got to stop. A person should be able to go out with a butcher knife and kill people without the police interfering.

Assault rifles only good for killing large numbers of people in a few minutes. Unless you want to riddle your deer or burglar with bullets. Ban them!

Congratulations, Mayor Kelly, please maintain those libertarian values.

If you enjoy the inflammatory, hateful, race-baiting rhetoric of "columnist" Ron Hart, you are contributing to the division of our nation.

Where are the parents? A 13-year-old out at 3 a.m.? Time to hold parents accountable and put them in jail for children's crimes.

Clay Bennett: about your cartoon last Sunday — I and many others are part of the "wait and see" group. I will continue wearing my mask for now. So "complete idiot" to you.

First time I voted I went in person and had to show an ID. Absentee ballots required a reason more than "I can't get there."

Loved Clay Bennett's tree with the yellow ribbon grown into the trunk. How appropriate to the length of this action in Afghanistan and bringing our boys home.

Shouldn't we just leave our flags at half-staff because of all of the killings in our country?

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