Biden raises federal wage to $15, says leads to greater productivity, offsetting cost. Ha. Ever seen a federal worker bust it? Me neither.

It's so good to have a president acting presidential again rather than as a pompous know-it-all who demeans, threatens and bullies to get his way.

Second lowest ever recorded approval rating for first 100 days. If you feel different, you watch leftist cable. Don't let them tell you how to feel.

Hey Chuck, Marsha, Bill: We're waiting for our representatives to look into the people responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection. We will never forget.

Just doing the opposite of the past president's policies is not leading.

The new voting laws found in Georgia, Florida and several other states will affect Republican voters just as much as Democratic voters.

Ever experienced reverse discrimination? Get ready, it's coming your way compliments of the Democratic Party. Solely based on skin color, not content of your character.

When U.S. troops are out of Afghanistan, women and girls will be at the mercy of the Taliban. They will suffer rape, no school and torture.

Funny, we can take care of 62,000 illegal immigrants and their children, but we can't take care of our veterans. You voted him in. Shame.

The worst event in our nation's history was not Pearl Harbor or 9/11 but the results from the 2020 elections.

No deals being made. No negotiations. No bipartisan work. No unity. Just pretending to be leading by reversing everything. By reconciliation or orders. No legislating.

Your body, your choice. Um, except where the vaccine is concerned. Make up your minds, you liberals.

One of the richest professions in America, and no one wants to hear pontificating. Hence, low Oscar audience. Duh. Get back to real acting.

Migrant children crammed into cages has the same appearance as chickens crammed into cages on a semi-tractor trailer.

We'll continue to wear masks, not because we're "uncomfortable," but because we understand virus transmission.

Stores that still require masks: Either enforce the wearing of them, or take the signs from your door that say you do.

Wonder how much blame previous vaccine skeptics Biden and Harris should shoulder for Americans not wanting to be vaccinated?

The truth has come out. Cartoonist Clay Bennett's Marxist socialism will cause Americans to die, figuratively and literally. It is written on the wall.

Want to improve your children's education? Have them sign up for a course in "common sense." But what school board or union would allow it?

Neighborhoods need to keep watch and to help stop these shootings. We are not Chicago. We are Chattanooga. Report what you see.

In his April 12 column, Jay Greeson wants "less business influence in my government," yet he voted the most infamous businessman in America for president.

As an achiever, you are targeted for your successes, which they say you gained through white supremacy and slavery, not hard work, education, endurance, brains.

It is as simple as this: Respect law enforcement, do not break the law. You will not have to worry about a confrontation with the police.

Goodwill trailer near Chester Frost: Is that for donations or a dumping ground? Site is disgusting.

The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance. Once liberty is taken away, it is seldom restored.

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