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We all went to a prayer breakfast at the Trade Center, and a campaign rally broke out.

Republican control of state government creates a miracle: never another epidemic bad enough to require masks, vaccinations, closures or avoiding crowds.

Donald Trump is 0-2 in national vote counting. Accidental president at best, never actually choice of people.

Watercolor painting of Tennessee legislature special COVID session result would look like a broken-down, burnt-out truck rusting on cinder blocks in a muddy field.

Disclosure: CNN, MSNBC, Fox "for entertainment purposes only!"

The only hope for our country will be the mid-term elections in 2022 when the Democrats' majority will be "gone with the wind."

As one admitted to practice before the Supreme Court since 1975, I am grateful that parent-suppressive AG Merrick Garland was never confirmed as a justice.

Mike Pence sold his soul to the devil for the opportunity to be vice president. Full payment came due Jan. 6.

What would be your reaction if a huckster told you to sign immediately the sales documents and "just read them" later. Is D.C. any different?

JFK: "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." And we proudly did.

Just remember, Ranter, Biden did not cause gas prices to rise. Big Oil owns the GOP.

Biden boosters, please explain why are the borders open, the ships anchored, the trucks parked, the shelves empty. Building back better?

White supremacy is not a perspective. It is an existential threat to our nation.

Just wondering how many "My body, my choice" pro-abortion folks are outraged that some folks don't want to take the COVID vaccine.

The problem with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected.

Why can't the states that insist on the 2020 election reviews pay the costs of audits and required equipment replacement with state tax dollars?

We can't solve our problems by re-electing the ones who caused them!

Please call a special session of Congress so I can smoke at work and in restaurants. The government should not infringe on my personal freedom.

Am I the only one who thinks overspending and increasing debt are the quickest ways to devalue this country ?

First responders, medical staff: Get the shot. You don't have the right to harm public health.

With Russia, India and China not signed on for the Paris climate change agreement, will CO2 emissions actually be reduced enough to make a difference?

How many gas-guzzling jets flew the powerful to the climate summit? Let's talk about income and energy inequality!

So we get two more county clowns, er, commissioners? Oh joy. And two more on the school board. Great. What is going to improve, specifically?

Shame on Chattanooga for not supporting the Mocs. Weather? I bet if "St. Peyton" came to visit Terrell Owens on the sidelines, we'd get 15,000.

Recycling seems to be a hard-to-demonstrate benefit. Way more questions about cost-benefit than answers.

Clay Bennett — talented artist, complete mental midget. Tired of his left-wing nonsense on Perspective cover. By the way, Trump is out. How is Biden doing?

Holidays are approaching, folks. Let's try to enjoy the last weeks of 2021 with family and friends; hold them close. That's what matters.

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