The U.S. government is responsible for securing borders. Not states. Do your job, Joe. You vowed to protect and defend. Do it.

Thank you, Twitter, for taking Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off the "air."

Joe, you're only half right. The federal government has no solution to anything except relieving citizens of their money and liberties.

Trumpism is represented by people who defy all civil (police), judicial and medical (vaccine) authority; therefore, it is the "biggest threat to" democracy.

She believes Kwanzaa is a religion, Jewish space lasers start wildfires and Trump won. And she is my representative. Lord help us.

Rapid migration from Democrat-run states. Wonder why? Don't bring blue state junk to our mighty fine red states. We don't want your liberal ways.

Biden didn't cause gasoline prices to go up or down. Some famous words apply here: It's the economy, stupid.

The Trump playbook wasn't so bad after all, was it? Please go back to it, for all our sakes.

Washington, D.C., could not have been ready for the Jan. 6 insurrection because it had just spent four years being trying to be ready for Trump.

Democrats are hoping to ride the Jan. 6 protest in which a bunch of people picked up misdemeanor charges to re-elections in November. Good luck with that.

Netflix is remaking "Snow White" with Trump as "Snow White" and Sen. Cruz, Reps. McCarthy and Greene, Govs. Kemp, Lee, DeSantis and Abbott as the dwarfs.

Who pays for all the damage from illegal drugs coming across the border — from first responders to medical care? We all do. Enforce the laws.

More Americans would be vaccinated against COVID if Trump had acknowledged the seriousness of COVID and had backed Dr. Fauci.

If the vaccinated are getting COVID (and they are), then why does the left keep saying it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

You unvaccinated are holding us back. Life can't get back to normal because of you.

There should be long lines to get vaccinated, not just to get tested.

Her fellow councilfolks may politely nod at Councilwoman Coonrod's suggestion of the city retaking its schools, but behind her back they're shaking their heads.

Did I read this right? There are folks who think local students ought to go back to online learning — like those in Alabama?

The county mayoral race seems to be setting up a hereditary succession future. Politics in Hamilton County is becoming a family business.

Does Mayor Coppinger really not understand the concept that if a student leaves public schools, the money for the student shouldn't stay in the schools?

For those who think there is a shortage of trucks: Drive any interstate in the country. Any more, and it would be a truck parking lot.

Best reading of Luke 2:14: Peace to those God favors, not peace on earth. Without goodwill or God's favor, don't expect peace on earth.

Cincinnati and Michigan, welcome to SEC football. Dreams for some, nightmares for others.

Clay Bennett sensationalism re: Perry Stone: You just gotta kick 'em when they're down, don't you?

The city is now advertising for people to join various city boards? Wonder why? Does wokeness have to be a qualification?

Congratulations to former UTC football players Buster Skrine, Kareem Orr, Corey Levin, C.J. Board and Isaiah Mack who are playing in the National Football League.

New Years resolution: I promise to be kinder to people who won't get vaccinated or wear a mask.

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